Wierzynek - Fine Dining Week

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The Wierzynek is a cult place and famous all over Poland. A stay in this historic restaurant gave me the idea of ​​a new tag on the “Degustująca Istota” website, namely “Luxury restaurant”. This is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about @wierzynek_restauracja. Beautiful, historic interiors, tastefully decorated and a special, rich tableware. Prices are also among the highest that we have seen so far in Poland.

Together with others Degustujące Isoty, we finally decided to test what good you can eat at a Fine dining dinner  in Wierzynek and the Fine Dining Week festival was perfect for that.


Salted herring/Sherry/cherry/beetroot/“Łąckie” apple

Very good, light herring appetizer. eggplants.

Two pieces of herring are placed on a flat plate, laid on a slice of beetroot. Green and dark red sauce dots are applied around the herring pieces.


Foie gras/sękacz/duck demi-glace/currant/forest fruits

Sękacz (traditional Polish spit cake) with foie gras played very nice. We award this dish with the Happy Eggplant Badge for this interesting combination. eggplants.

A piece of toasted liver, lying on a flat piece of sękacz. Next to foie gras, there are red dots of sauce on the sękacz.


Cream of crayfish soup/sous vide egg yolk/fennel/dried crayfish

Traditionally served cream of crayfish soup. eggplants.

 Yellow-brown crayfish cream is poured in a deep plate. Half of the dried crayfish is located in the center.


Saddle of venison/Jerusalem artichoke/broad bean/chanterelle mushroom/parsley/blackberry

The main course was served in a very attractive way. It made a great impression on us.

Silver covers covering the main dishes on the table.


Delicate, well-prepared meat and delicious side dishes. eggplants.

Two pieces of pink meat and additions around.


Plum parfait/plum vodka “Śliwowica”/gingerbread/buckwheat honey

Pleasant gingerbread dessert. eggplants.

 A piece of dark gingerbread cake with plum parfait.


Zucchinni flower/vegetable ratatouille/goat cheese/zuchinni/kale/beetroot/vegan demi-glace

After the menu from Fine Dining Week we decided to check other dishes from the main menu in Wierzynek. Zucchini flower on the menu is so rare that we could not refuse it. However, it was a flat and heavy dish. eggplants.

Zucchini flowers in dough, next to a clear puree,  demi-glace sauce and pieces of beetroot and cauliflower.


Smoked beef tartare/sous vide egg yolk/pearl onion/truffle/porcini mushroom/caper/lovage

Smoked tartar was beautifully presented at the table.

A raised lid from the tartare, from which smoke escapes.


Tasty tartare with a smoky aroma, well seasoned. Unfortunately the truffle was not palpable. eggplants.

Tartare with additions.


Honey-caramelized porcini mushroom ice cream/chocolate & nut ground/black currant sauce

A lovely ice cream dessert in the shape of a mushroom. eggplants.

Ice mushroom on a chocolate soil and fruit.



It was definitely a special evening. To be a guest in such a beautiful place is a great pleasure. The service tried very hard and you have to admit that they did it great. They were wonderful, despite the high occupancy of the restaurant. Oddly enough, the service fee was not added to the bill, which, however, we were happy to make up.

The Wierzynek restaurant receives: 240/250

Link to the restaurant Wierzynek

Address: Rynek Główny 16, Cracow

Title picture: Cream of crayfish soup