Bez Gwiazdek

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Another visit to the restaurant recommended by the @michelinguide and there is something to celebrate again. To celebrate the birthday of a friend of Degustująca Istota, Degustująca Istota was invited to the restaurant @bezgwiazdek, where the Chef is Robert Trzopek @roberttrzopek. I’ve been thinking about visiting this restaurant for a long time, but somehow it didn’t happen before. Bez Gwiazdek is a small restaurant with only a few tables. The atmosphere is more homely than restaurant-like and the service seems relaxed as well.

The menu changes once a month and focuses on the region of Poland selected for that month. We stepped in for a menu inspired by dishes from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.



Several types of bread served with butter and rapeseed oil. eggplants.

There are slices of various bread on a wooden stand. Next to it, there is butter on a white plate and there is rapeseed oil in the bowl.


Asparagus with onion broth

Intensive broth with crispy asparagus. eggplants.

In a white deep plate with the dark brown broth contains pieces of green and white asparagus.


“Hołubcie Bielkowskie”

Cabbage cones with potatoe, fried onion, roasted barley groats, and chive flowers. eggplants.

 Golden brown cabbage cones arranged in a bowl full of pearl barley grains. The horns are decorated with purple flowers on the top.


Fish broth/young vegetables/rose

Turbot broth with the addition of roasted butter was very substantial and rich in flavor. It was nicely enriched with pieces of zucchini and asparagus. Pickled rose petals were a surprising and delicious complement to the whole dish. Also visually, this dish made a great impression. eggplants.

Arranged with pieces of zucchini and asparagus, a colorful grid, on which the rose petals are located. The whole dish is placed in a deep plate with yellow broth.


Blinis/salmon/fresh cream

Salmon blinis with fresh cream and turbot skin powder. One of the best blinis I have eaten. Perfectly fluffy. eggplants.

Two blinis with wrapped salmon slices on top. Sprinkled with pink turbot skin powder. There is a portion of cream on both blinis.


Blinis/cucumber/fresh cream

A vegetarian version of the above dish. Compressed cucumber on blinis with cream. eggplants.

Two blinis with cucumber slices on top. Next to it is a portion of fresh cream.


Baltic turbot/fennel/cucumber

Fried turbot with fermented fennel. As a side dish, lightly pickled cucumber. eggplants.

There is a piece of fried white fish on a flat plate. On its left side, there is fennel and on the right side, there is a low-salt cucumber.



The next dish in a vegetarian version, where the turbot was replaced by chicory. eggplants.

here is a piece of fried chicory on a flat plate. On its left side, there is fennel and on the right side, there is a low-salt cucumber.


“Paprykarz Szczeciński”

This time, a garfish with paprika and tomato sauce appeared on the plate. eggplants.

The pieces of fish with the skin on the plate alternate with the paprika. There are green leaves on top. All-round with yellow-brown sauce.



Delicious dessert. Warm homemade challah, cold elderberry sorbet, sour cream, and strawberries. eggplants.

On the edge of a deep white plate, there is small challah with crumble. Inside the plate, there are large strawberries with a portion of white sorbet on them.


Petit four

The dinner was traditionally closed with small sweets from the Chef. Ice mini tartlets with rhubarb flavor, dogwood jellies, and my favorite Suska Sechlońska plum. eggplants.

There are mini sweets on a small, white, milk plate.



At Bez Gwiazdek restaurant, dinner was very tasty, although it must be admitted that the menu for June was not exactly tailored to our tastes. We are not big fans of fish, especially a birthday boy who does not eat fish at all and chose vegetarian versions. Unfortunately, we are not in Warsaw as often as we would like and after all, we wanted to try the chef’s authors dishes.

I think the evening was very enjoyable and I’m glad we got to know the minimalist and less formal approach to Fine Dining.

Link to the restaurant Bez Gwiazdek

Address: ul. Wiślana 8, Warsaw

Title picture: Fish broth