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Normal people go to the seaside to swim, sunbathe, and relax. We went to the Tri-City for excellent meals and we were not disappointed.

Apart from the fame of the Chef himself, we were tempted to visit Arco by Paco Pérez by the beautiful view from the 33rd floor of the Olivia Business Center building in Gdańsk.

The restaurant makes an amazing impression, both by the view and the interior design. The kitchen is open and connected to the dining, which I love because I’m always enormously curious about the magic that happens there.

The chef at Arco is Antonio Arcieri. We chose the “20 ideas” menu, which has a quote of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s “The Little Prince”: “All adults were once children … but few of them remember it.” After such an introduction, we hoped not only for excellent cuisine but also for fun.



Lime and coriander cone with avocado and pisco sour with melon. eggplants.

A photo of a table with a white tablecloth on which there are two large plates, glasses with champagne and glasses with orange pisco sour. In the center of the table, there are two cones with green filling in a stand.


Sea dumpling

Algae dumpling with cuttlefish tartare. eggplants.

There is a green algae dumpling on the dark gray stone.


Sardine toast

Sardine toast with pieces of sardines and mayonnaise with the addition of algae. eggplants.

 There are two pieces of toast on a wooden board with several pieces of sardine fillet with the skin on it. On top they are decorated with mayonnaise and a piece of algae.


Basil waffle

Basil waffle with burrata and kalamata olives. eggplants.

A greenish waffle served on a wooden, high rack. On the waffle a serving of pink ice cream is applied.


Tartlets with tomatoes and strawberry

Ice mini tartlets with balls in various flavors: strawberry, brie cheese, and basil. The tartlets were made of tomato water, which bottoms were filled with espuma, also made from tomato water. eggplants.

Two slightly pink tartlets are placed on a leaf-shaped plate filled with green, pink, and white balls.


Bread/olive oil

At Arco, bread appeared after the amuse-bouche series, which was an interesting change, because we usually got it first after placing the order. We had a choice of several types of bread and we could try two wonderful olive oils. eggplants.

A basket of bread and two olive oils in bottles.


A piece of brioche bread and the aforementioned olive oils.

A small plate with a slice of bread. Next to it, two smaller plates. Each with different olive oil.


Arco version of the lobster cocktail

Lobster with chardonnay foam, avocado powder, sun-dried tomatoes, and chopped almonds. eggplants.

There is frayed lobster meat on the white plate, pink mousse with white foam on top. In addition, pieces of dried tomatoes are arranged around the meat, and green avocado powder is placed on top of the meat.


Almond cream with pickled cherries

Chilled Gazpacho style almond cream with the addition of cherries, rhubarb, smoked mayonnaise, and shrimps. eggplants.

 White cream and pink on it: pieces of rhubarb, cherry, and almonds. In addition to the fruit, the cuts are also pink, small, lilac prawns shell.


Octopus in the sea

Octopus assiette: pieces of meat, broth, and tartare with algae. Everything is completed with buttery foam and tomato and Jalapeño salsa. eggplants.

Decorated octopus tentacles are arranged on a white plate foam and red sauce.


“All Y Pebre” eel

Sous-vide and smoked eel. Served with garlic sauce, black pepper, and Catalan version of Bordeaux sauce. Nori algae chips are here as a crunchy element. The eel was incredibly delicate and juicy. For its great taste and appearance, it deserves the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

 On the white, flat plate there is a portion of dipped in orange and brown sauces eel. Dots of orange sauce are placed around it. There are two black nori chips on the eels.


Creamy rice with squid and black pudding

Risotto with the addition of a squid and a black pudding ball. Spiced with a herbal sauce with sepia. eggplants.

Risotto with green and black toppings in the middle there is a ball filled with black pudding mousse.


Dover sole with anchovies and grapes

The Sole with white wine sauce and tarragon. As an addition to the sola, marinated in sake champignon were served with grapes, anchovies, and anchovies sauce. eggplants.

On a white, flat plate, there is a piece of fish with skin in it. In a circle around the fish, there are pieces of mushrooms, grapes, and anchovies.


Beef tenderloin with apple

Wagyu beef pieces with tapioca, apple and nuts, and marrow flan. For me, the beef was a bit too tough, and the addition of marrow made it a heavy dish. But it looked very beautiful and we got to this dish very nice special knives. eggplants.

A photo of the table with the main beef dish. Next to the plates, there are forks and special knives with a wooden handle.


A white, oblong plate with two semicircular portions of beef. The same shape has two portions of a beige flan decorated with small green leaves. There are chopped apples on the edges of the plate. The red tapioca is on top of the beef pieces.


Milky pillow

I liked this dessert very much. Light but crispy, lime pillow, and coconut milk cream. The perfect dessert for me and I gladly gave it an eggplant badge. eggplants.

On a silver plate of irregular shape, it lies in the center white crisp with pieces of lime zest.


Kashubian red fruits

Forest fruits, rose jelly, lychee granita, and Zabaglione. eggplants.

White plate, lace at the edges. In the center, pink ice cream with pink wafers arranged vertically. Pieces of fruit around.


Ice cream dessert in cookie shape. eggplants.

On a small, white plate there is a HIT cookie, made of ice cream and cream.


Petit fours

Those were surprise eggs inspired by Salvador Dali. Each one has a different taste so that we could tell each other what we have eaten. As this concept never suits us, we shared them anyway. Which was not easy, because some of them had a liquid filling. Fortunately, we were forewarned about this. I only remember the raspberry flavors. It was fun, even if we didn’t stick to the rules and I am happy to awarded the badge for this unusual idea. eggplants.

Black plate with egg slots. 4 small eggs are placed there: two brown, green, and white with a golden addition.



I admit that it was fun and the cuisine was great too. Maybe not everything was 100% to my liking, but the dishes were tasty and wonderfully presented. What I liked the most was the perfect presentation of the dishes and an amazing view.

View from Arco restaurant during the sunset.


Interestingly, there was no stiff atmosphere that we were a bit afraid of. The evening was nice, relaxed and at times funny. The service, which was almost flawless, also deserves recognition.

For a special evening with a beautiful view, I am happy to award the Arco restaurant with the Happy Eggplant Badge.

Odznaka Wesołego Bakłażana

Link to the restaurant Arco

Address: aleja Grunwaldzka 472 C, Gdańsk

Title picture: Sola Dover