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We chose Prologue as the next restaurant stop during the trip to Tri-City. It is located on the bank of the Motława river in Gdansk and Head Chef is here Wojciech Korfel (@wojciechkorfel).

Prologue is an inconspicuous restaurant with an unusual cuisine. There is no tasting menu, so you have to choose what you like, and we liked it quite a lot, so we barely got out of the Prologue. The dishes are characterized by simplicity and intensity of flavors. They are made with great technique with great care.



Rye bread on sourdough and smoked butter with chives. eggplants.

On a wooden table there is a small bowl with butter covered with chopped chives and next to it a bigger, black bowl with slices of bread.


Polish herring with dill sauce and apple

Light and delicious amuse-bouche, which looked lovely. eggplants.

Golden bowl interior in which you can see a piece of herring with skin, dill, a piece of apple and green dill sauce.


Deer tartar

The first appetizer we ordered turned out to be a great success. Great tartar sprinkled with cress with wild garlic mayonnaise and pickled celery. eggplants.

 In a grey, flat bowl there is a disc tartar covered from the top with a thick layer of cress.


Grilled Kashubian asparagus/Prologue Chorizo/dressing with roasted butter and elderberry capers

Another appetizer. Springy green asparagus with salty Chorizo. Since we use little salt every day, it was a bit too salty for us. eggplants.

On the white plate lie green Asparagus sprinkled with fried chorizo and chopped chives.


Marinated avocado/organic smoked salmon/turnip

Cold appetizer made of salmon. Excellent seasoned dish with crispy strips of white turnip and marinated avocado. eggplants.

There are turnip strips on the white plate covered with pink salmon granite.



Intermezzo looked like edible moss. It was the lemon coconut Panna Cotta with green tea powder. eggplants.

The interior of a small glass with a green powder layer, that covers the white panna cotta.


Egg yolk ravioli/baby broccoli/forest shoots dressing/mushroom duxelle/aged Parmesan

The dough and filling, especially the liquid yolk, was very tasty. The taste of shoots and mushrooms was a bit too intense for me, but it looked beautiful. The forest on a plate. eggplants.

Large one ravioli covered with green shoots, Lettuce leaves and herbs and small blue flowers.



Japanese Wagyu Beef steak. Precisely, It was steak from Gunma Toriyama Umami Wagyu with score A5 Grade and 10-12 Beef Marble Score. eggplants.

On a wooden board lies a sliced steak.


The best fries we ever ate, Prologue kimchi, hollandaise sauce and mushroom ketchup were served as steak additives. Also a beautiful Laguiole knife was served to cut this noble meat.

On a wooden board next to the steak there is a small bowl with a brown mushroom ketchup, bowl with lettuce, pan with fries and a cup with hollandaise sauce.


Chocolate fondant with lavender/wild rose petals sorbet

I don’t like desserts, but it’s impossible to give this one a lower grade. Perfectly balanced with brilliant ice cream, which was so incredibly rosy and delicate that I could eat it forever. The fondant itself was also wonderful, with a liquid, warm interior. eggplants.

Chocolate fondant on a grey large plate and decorated with blue flowers.


Ice cream that I absolutely fell in love with. I already miss them.

Pink ice cream decorated with rose petal strips and covered in rose syrup. The whole set on a small, gray plate.


Kashubian strawberries/tea panna cotta/candied pine cones

I still claim that I don’t like desserts, but I ate it all because it was wonderful. What’s interesting, I don’t like strawberries either, and these were amazing. And the pine cones, which gave a strong accent, but they did not dominate this light dessert. eggplants.

In a small brown bowl, they are cut up, large strawberries, on which two small pine cones are lying and a portion of the panna cotta lies next to it.



After lunch we had the opportunity to talk to the Head Chef for a while, which was a great pleasure for us. It is soo great to meet such talented people.

The service in the restaurant was very friendly and professional.

The whole lunch cost us, for two people, a little over 600 PLN, Of which 365 PLN cost the Wagyu steak alone, but in my opinion it was worth it. It was the steak that we liked the most and delicious desserts.

We are looking forward to our next trip to Gdansk and visiting the Prologue restaurant, and in the meantime, of course I grant this very satisfying dinner the Happy Eggplant badge.

Happy Eggplant Badge

Link to the restaurant Prologue

The tasting date: 11.07.2020

Address: ul. Grodzka 9, 80-841 Gdańsk

Title picture: Panna cotta with Kashubian strawberries