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For the second time we visited Vienna with a culinary tour and this time we decided to reach the top shelf and try a tasting dinner in restaurants with two and three @michelinguide stars.

As a two-star restaurant, we chose Silvio Nickol restaurant, that is the Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant, which is located in Palais Coburg.

In front of the entrance, of course, there was a plaque with information about two Michelin stars award and, that restaurant is a member of the luxurious Les Grandes Tables du Monde.

On the red brick wall, in front of the entrance to the The Palais Coburg is a violet Michelin Guide starboard and a gold plate with information about it, that the restaurant is in the guide Les Grandes Tables du Monde.


We were led to a beautiful, elegant dining room. With impressive, an illuminated wall of amethysts used as a background for a big, white egg. The egg also appeared in other places of the restaurant and as it turned out, it was the leitmotif of both the dinner, and the entire restaurant. It was named “The egg of Origin”. It is supposed to refer to philosophical questions about the beginning of existence and our fragility in relation to the surrounding universe.

Room with large round tables covered with white tablecloths. On the central, black wall there is a large amethyst block, illuminated from underneath with a hanging white egg.



Cucumber/Char roe/dill

Light and refreshing amuse-bouche. eggplants.

In a transparent glass bowl, there is a disk sprinkled with dill powder, orange mousse underneath and orange roe on the disk.


Buffalo tartare/tarragon

Another amuse-bouche. Tartlets with tartare seasoned with tarragon. eggplants.

Small tartlets with tartare are placed on the bone, decorated with green mayonnaise and green leaves.


Pork belly/carrot

Next amuse-bouche. Crispy carrot was beautifully composed with bacon in teriyaki sauce. Very interesting was the way we were supposed to eat this snack. For this purpose we got chef’s tweezers. eggplants.

In a white, small bowl there is a piece of bacon covered with dark sauce. On top of it there are crispy, thin, striped carrots.



Bread on sourdough with a crispy crust. Served warm. We had two types of butter for the bread: with roasted onion and chives. Both were excellent and creamy, although I liked the chives butter more. eggplants.

A loaf of bread cut into four parts, located on a dark plate. Next to it two kinds of butter on black saucers. One green and the other grey-yellow.



A brilliant, silky sturgeon in a coconut milk marinade with a little sweet apricot, intensive, herbal verbena oil and chili. This composition definitely deserves the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

On a white, deep plate are chopped pieces of raw sturgeon, arranged in the shape of a circle and covered with green oil. The top is decorated with flower petals and leaves.


In the vegetarian version, chopped fennel was served instead of sturgeon. eggplants. Photo. Krzysztof Biliński

On a white, deep plate are chopped pieces of fennel, arranged in the shape of a circle and covered with green oil. The top is decorated with flower petals and leaves.


Duck liver/mushroom/spruce/chocolate

This dish delighted all of us. As it turned out it was a signature dish of Chef Silvio Nickol. Beautiful forest where there were mushrooms and acorns formed from liver mousse, that looked real. In addition, chocolate bark, edible moss probably from pistachio, but I’m not sure. There were also real marinated mushrooms. This forest full of surprises, that we discovered while eating, will remain long in my memory. Perfect and delightful! Of course it gets the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

In a thick, dark grey dish arranged There are mushrooms and acorns from liver mousse, surrounded by green twigs, yellow and burgundy flower petals, and vertically arranged pieces of chocolate.


For liver mousse we got a beautiful mushroom-shaped brioche. It was a perfect fit for this dish.

On the edge of the grey-green plate there is a mushroom-shaped brioche.


Blün Catfish/leek/jerusalem artichoke/turnip cabbage/caviar

The beautiful main course, which delighted with its appearance and taste. The fish was made in a barbeque marinade, smoked, and grilled. It had compact but delicate meat. The sauce made of white asparagus was smooth and perfectly matched the catfish. Small tubes decorated with caviar and flowers were a great addition. Another impressive dish, to which I gladly award the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

In a deep white plate, whose bottom is covered with green oil, a piece of grilled fish is arranged. Next to the catfish there are white pipes decorated with flowers and caviar. From a white jug is poured white, smooth sauce.


Same plate as above with already poured sauce.


And an even more beautiful vegetarian version. Like a summer meadow full of flowers.

White tubes decorated with different colors the flowers are arranged on a white plate, on the bottom of which an intense green oil is poured.


Surprise egg

Refreshing intermezzo served in liquid nitrogen vapour. A ceramic egg was placed in front of us, and then its upper part was removed, releasing the fumes of nitrogen and showing another egg filled with gazpacho with celery, tomatoes, and cream. eggplants.

Egg with green foam, placed in the half of a ceramic egg from which the steam rises.


Both the way this gazpacho was served to us, as well as the taste and structure, they definitely deserve the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

Same egg close-up


Truffle/ polenta/quail egg

Maybe this dish was not visually the most beautiful, but the taste and consistency were wonderful. The most fluffy and creamy polenta I ate. Apart from thick slices of truffles, there were also pieces of truffles inside. A summer truffle from Istria was used here. I love truffles, very much, and polenta was an excellent carrier of truffle taste and aroma. And yes! This dish also gets the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

White plate filled with polenta and covered from the top with truffle slices and green leaves inside.


Lamb belly with ginger

Lamb snack, the mini version of the main course. eggplants.

On a white plate In the shape of a boat there is a dark piece of meat on which are green and yellow leaves.


Nuart Lamb/onion/ginger/black currant

In that dish I liked the onion and an intensive, rich sauce the most. eggplants.

On a flat white plate On the left is a dark piece of lamb, and on the right is an onion decorated with leaves and cut out roses. In the middle a dark sauce is poured.


Tartare with sliced cauliflower and cherries

Game dish preview. eggplants.

On a box filled with seeds of cherries, with cones, stones and bark, there is a silver boat with a small amount of tartare and a slice of raw cauliflower.


Venison/cauliflower/cherry/green pepper

A juicy piece of meat coated in green pepper. Accompanied with: cherries, walnuts, and baked cauliflower. eggplants.

Piece of meat from the outside surrounded by a greenish layer of herbs. In the middle of the plate there is a light brown sauce, and on the right is half a cherry with a small pink rose inside, A slice of cauliflower and half a nut.



Tomato jam with lilac flower granita and melon. eggplants.

Two glass bowls with orange jam, They are covered with white granite, with pieces of melon and decorated with maroon leaves.


Madeleine with coffee

Sometimes we order coffee with dessert. This time we got a tasty, warm madeleine with our coffee. eggplants.

Shell-shaped Magdalene is located on a square, dark gray slate, coffee with milk and various kinds of sugar in tubes: white, reed and brown lumps.


Apple/sour cream/dill/fennel/beetroot

Apple sorbet with fennel closed in spheres, roasted sour cream, the meringue in the form of smooth sheets and white beets. I really like this very interesting dessert with vegetables. A great balance of sweet and sour, plus many structures and complex elements. A perfect dessert for me and for that I award it the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

On a black plate, spirally placed Sour cream with visible scorched spots. In the center of the spiral a portion of green sorbet is applied. On the two ends of the spiral there are green spheres. The whole dish is decorated with white sour cream sheets.


Yoghurt foam/avocado/mango/sea buckthorn

First sweets from Petit Fours. Creamy, fluffy yogurt with avocado mousse, mango and sea buckthorn. eggplants.

In a glass bowl there is The foam is decorated with crumble and petals of orange flowers from the top and a small pink rose.


Cannelés de Bordeaux

Delicious mini cake, served warm with tonka bean cream and red currant. And I can’t help myself, so I award it with the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

Cookie with dark caramelized crust, which is shaped like a small, ribbed cylinder. Served on a wooden board.


Manner Schnitten

A reference to the famous Viennese hazelnut wafers. These were ice cream in a wafer surrounded by chopped hazelnuts. eggplants.

Pink box with blue Manner inscription and drawing of wafers.


The interior of the box that contains hazelnuts, with two wafers decorated from the top with half a hazelnut and chopped nuts on the sides.



Campari closed in white chocolate and wrapped in flakes was the refreshing end of the dinner. eggplants.

On a glass bowl under which brown chips and dried oranges are placed, there are three balls covered in brown flakes with a red gel on top and a blue little flower stuck in a dot of gel.



A sensational evening. Almost every dish evoked a “wow” reaction from us. The flavor compositions were perfectly suited to our taste and the size of the portions was also excellent. There were plenty of surprises during the dinner. The dishes were worked out to the smallest detail. The intricately arranged details were impressive.

The service was perfect and the tempo of the dishes served was appropriate for us, because often by taking pictures our dinner is slightly longer than the standard time. I will never forget many of these dishes and I hope that one day we will come back to Silvio restaurant for another great feast.

Naturally, for this amazing, top level fine dining dinner, I award the restaurant the Happy Eggplant Badge.

Happy Eggplant Badge

At the end, we had the pleasure to meet the Chef and the whole crew, and have a few words with them. It is an honor to meet someone who can prepare such a brilliant menu, which enchanted us.

Link to the restaurant Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant

The tasting date: 28.08.2020

Address: Coburgbastei 4, 1010 Wien, Austria

Title picture: Duck liver