Follow the White Rabbit

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On the occasion of our stay in Tri-City on the Fine Dining Tour we decided to try the tasting menu at the Biały Królik restaurant for the second time. With Rafał Koziorzemski (@rafalchef__smakmiasta) as a Chef and Marcin Popielarz (@popek_52) as a Chef Patron.

You can read our impressions from the first visit in this article.

We have traditionally come to the place over an hour too early, so we managed to take a walk in the nicely maintained park around the Quadrille Hotel, where the Biały Królik restaurant is located, and drink something at the hotel’s Pub 10/6. Charming and pleasant Pub, where references to Alice in Wonderland are even stronger than in the restaurant.

We chose the tasting menu Follow the White Rabbit, although the Vegan tasting menu also tempted us very much. So we decided to try one of the dishes from the vegan menu, which we were most interested in.


Bread with apple and cinnamon/ wheat-rye bread with black cumin/rye bread with cereal coffee with poppy seeds/Flatbread with wild garlic/chives butter/caramel butter/rapeseed oil

As before we got beautifully served different types of bread, two types of butter and rapeseed oil. eggplants.

 Slightly greenish scones on a piece of wood. Next to it, on the same wood, on a piece of slate, there are two domes of butter. One greenish and one beige.


Slices of bread with rapeseed oil in the middle.

 Bread slices with a bottle of olive oil in a circle formed from bark and decorated with nuts and acorns.


Goose feather with seaberry

Slightly scary amuse-bouche, because I always resist eating something that touches feathers or claws. Nevertheless, it was very tasty. It was a goose leg in tempura, and a smoked “Półgęsek” and seaberry gel. eggplants.

In a hay wreath placed in a bun and placed on a wicker basket, there is an amuse-bouche that is impaled on a black feather. They are padded balls and a rolled up slice of Półgęsek. Decorated with dots of orange sea buckthorn gel.


Snail lard

Lovely amuse-bouche. It was goose lard with the addition of snail, roasted garlic puree and parsley powder. eggplants.

 In a glass bowl filled with snail shells, there is a piece of wood with a flat layer of lard on it and a brown layer with roasted garlic puree on it. Both layers are sprinkled with green powder. At the top of the layers in a row are small portions of puree decorated with white flowers.


Salted Baltic cod brandade with compressed cucumber and dill

Great appetizer. Fluffy cream of cod with the addition of mascarpone and creme fraiche. Plus, crispy potato chips and refreshing, intense cucumber. The herbal taste was added by anise dill. For this perfectly composed appetizer, we award the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

 Slices of potato chips are arranged vertically on a white plate, placed in a thick cream covered with olive oil.


Cured Kashubian duck breast with smoked pork cracklings and fried yolk

Fantastic tartare. The box in the upper part had additions to the tartare and the tartare itself on a piece of paper lay in the lower part filled with smoke. I love smoked tartars and this one was perfect. The duck breast was previously salted and smoked. In addition, there were chips made of pig skin, mustard and dogwood caviar, a panco egg on king oyster mushroom, lovage moss with lovage mayonnaise and pickled mushrooms. Amazing! Of course, this dish deserves an eggplant badge! eggplants.

In a flat wooden box there is a fried yolk on a slice of oyster mushroom and a green lovage moss on the left.


Tartare with mustard and dogwood balls placed on a beige parchment on a turquoise plate. There are little yellow crisps and green leaves stuck into the tartare.


Summer tomato soup with lovage, sour cream and smoked pike

The clear soup got its tomatoiness by mixing with homemade ketchup on the plate. The pike terrine was a tasty smoky touch. eggplants.

A clear, slightly pink soup is poured from a glass bottle into a white plate with ketchup, a piece of brown terrine and white and red cubes of vegetables.


The soup is mixed with ketchup.

In the white plate there is a red and yellow soup with a green coating and vegetables floating in it.


Vegan bread consomme with white nettle and turnip pasta

This is our vegan dish that we asked for. I was very curious about this soup. And my curiosity paid off. A great broth with an unusual taste, very original. Enriched with lovage oil and roasted linseed. eggplants.

A glass bottle is poured with linseed soup onto a dark brown plate with green noodles covered with white nettle leaves.


After deconstruction, turnip noodles and beautifully cut colorful and crispy vegetable leaves appeared.

In dark plates, already mixed soup with orange and greenish leaves cut from vegetables and green pasta. Linseed is floating on the surface of the soup.


Japanese knotweed

Intermezzo. Delicious knotweed sorbet with hare sorrel. eggplants.

Located on a glass plate there is a white sorbet covered with green leaves.


Steamed seabass with spinach, asparagus and butter sauce

The main course looked beautifully decorated with Echium flowers. The perch was tender and juicy. As an addition, spinach puree and grilled asparagus with leek were served. Unfortunately, the saltiness of this dish overshadowed the rest of the flavors. eggplants.

On the flat white plate to the left is a strip of perch smeared on top with spinach puree and decorated with blue flowers. A portion of the same puree is placed in the center, and on the right is white asparagus and leek covered in butter foam.


Chocolate cake with cherries and rosemary

The tasting menu originally had cheesecake but we asked for a replacement from the vegan menu due to the fact that we do not feel well after a large number of dairy products. The dessert consisted of chocolate mousse, a chocolate chip and a chocolate bar with sunken raisins and crisps. In addition, as a breakthrough in chocolateness, raspberry foam frozen in liquid nitrogen and cherries in cognac were added. eggplants.

On a flat, white plate lies a chocolate structure composed of flat sheets of chocolate crisps. In the center is a chocolate bar on which lies a pink frosted raspberry ball. There are cherries at the bottom of the structure.


Coconut biscuit/young spruce with roasted malt/nougat with marigold and sweetscented bedstraw

Petits Fours worthy of Alice in Wonderland. The cream lollipop with spruce syrup and spruce jelly was delightful. The coconut biscuit decorated with golden paint was delicious as well. Nougat was traditionally too sweet for me, but my husband was very pleased. eggplants.

On a flat, rectangular plate lie from the front: a lump of coconut painted gold, a piece of light nougat and a white round lollipop covered with a transparent jelly like a frill on the top.



In November, the Biały Królik restaurant delighted us and now it delighted us even more. Interesting herbs that cannot be tasted anywhere else, laborious, carefully prepared dishes that impress with their appearance and a very nice, relaxing atmosphere.

We would most willingly order as a first-course tasting menu “Follow the White Rabbit” and for a second-course the vegan menu.

We exchanged a few words with Chef Rafał Koziorzemski at the end of the dinner. It was a great pleasure to meet Chef personally. In May I took part in the Webinar organized by @roslinniejemy with Chef Rafał. He talked about the usage of herbs in the kitchen and about Fine Dining in a vegan version. A very interesting webinar. We also support plant-based cuisine, especially vegan Fine Dining, and we are glad that more and more Chefs, like Chef Rafał, are interested in this topic.

We hope to be able to take part in the plant-based tasting dinner soon, which will take place at @dworeknewrestaurant on October 22nd. This vegan menu is to be prepared jointly by Chef Rafał Koziorzemski and Chef Wojciech Korfel (@wojciechkorfel) from the Prologue restaurant, where we were a few days after our July visit at the Biały Królik and here you can read how delicious it was. We are looking forward to this evening.

Naturally, we uphold our Happy Eggplant Badge for the Biały Królik restaurant.

Happy Eggplant Badge

Link to the restaurant Biały Królik

Address: ul. Folwarczna 2, 81-547 Gdynia, Poland

The tasting date: 09.07.2020

Title picture: Snail lard