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Finally I got the opportunity to describe another Fine Dining dinner at the @michelinguide starred restaurant that we visited over the last summer. We chose Chef Juan Amador’s (@juanamadorofficial) three-star restaurant in Vienna. The restaurant is also a member of the luxurious Les Grandes Tables du Monde.

The Amador is an avant-garde restaurant located outside of Vienna’s historic center. You have to make an effort to get here, as the entrance is a bit hidden and quite modest. The Amador Restaurant is basically in a cellar lined with rows of red bricks.

The hall is located in the basement lined with red bricks. Round, large tables are covered with white tablecloths. Each table is placed on a round, red carpet. On the tables are red glasses and a vase with a white calla.


We received our menu in the form of a sealed letter with the Chef’s handwritten signature. The menu was divided into three sections. The first: “Tapas and snacks”, the second: “Mar Y Muntanya” and the third: “Childhood Memories”.

Photo of a sealed white envelope with red lettering/hashtag amador loves you and the Rails and Chateaux logo.



Tapas and snacks

Free Range Beef Tatar/mustard/chives

Tartare ball on a tapioca chip. eggplants.

On a small white pedestal, styled like marble lies a plain ball of tartare on a white chip. Decorated on top with a small slice of gherkin and a dot of mustard.


Beetroot/horseradish/pumpkin seed oil

Sphere with beet essence seasoned with horseradish. eggplants.

On two ceramic spoons are placed large, spheres decorated with shavings of horseradish and poured with dark pumpkin seed oil.


Black-Federed Chicken/lettuce/Cecina de Leon

Beautiful mini sandwiches with the Amador restaurant logo. They were a deluxe version of a Caesar salad, topped with Spanish “Cecina de Leon” beef ham. The Happy Eggplant Badge for a delightful appetizer. eggplants.

There are 3 mini sandwiches laid out on a clear plastic coaster. The white buns have the restaurant's logo burned into them. In the middle of the sandwich you can see pieces of meat and a lettuce leaf sticking out.


Eggplant/tomato/egg yolk

Small tartelettes with tomato macaroni and eggplant mousse. Served on extraordinary ceramics. eggplants.

Mini tartalettes with creamy filling are placed on white ceramic bases, shaped like dripping icing.


Gazpacho/Red Royal Prawn/Basil

The gazpacho in chip form was surprising. There was tomato espuma with shrimp waiting for us underneath. A basil granita added contrast. eggplants.

In a round, white tire-like plate, you'll see a fluffy white espuma on which is placed a red disk of gazpacho and next to it is a portion of green basil granita.


Dungeness crab/Bell pepper/Pimenton

We had a lot of fun with this dish. Clouds of liquid nitrogen always impress me. Aside from the visual appeal, these crab cakes were also incredibly tasty and intriguing. Crispy on the outside with a porous texture and tender on the inside. They were pleasantly spicy and papery. Sensational! In the vegetarian version mushrooms were used instead of crab. These delicacies get the Happy Eggplant Badge, of course. eggplants.

Orange cakes are arranged on dark stones in a white bowl. The whole dish surrounded by a lot of steam.


Mar Y Muntanya


After the appetizers, baked goods were served while waiting for the main courses. There were two types of sourdough bread and wheat fingers. As accompaniments we had Maldon flake salt from England, two kinds of Spanish olive oil and a French butter. eggplants.

On the table, in a gray felt basket on the table are slices of bread and wheat fingers. Next to it lies a glass bowl with oil and a cone of butter on a glass stand filled inside with hay.


Iced Beurre Blanc/Royal Oyster/Hazelnut milk/Imperial Caviar

Hazelnut milk foam, butter ice cream, excellent sturgeon caviar, and boiled oysters. This is the Chef’s signature dish. Harmonious and delicate. The flavors were composed perfectly. The well-deserved Happy Eggplant Badge! eggplants.

There is a large amount of foam from milk in a white deep plate. On top of the foam is a portion of creamy ice cream and on top of the ice cream is a large portion of caviar.


Saint-Pierre/foie gras/turnip cabbage/poppyseed

The fish was coated in poppy seeds, which brought a bitter taste. There were also chanterelles and cream of fermented garlic. eggplants.

In a white, flat plate, the texture of which resembles marble, lies a portion of fish coated in poppy seeds. Under the fish you can see orange and white sauce and pieces of chanterelles.


Sole “Bolognese”/Carabinero/tomato/Manni olive oil

It was one of the main courses to choose from. So we ordered two different ones to try both. The fish was garnished with fried pasta, as a reference to the original Bolognese. There was also bacon, which dominated the flavor. The whole thing was drizzled with olive oil from Tuscany. eggplants.

In a deep white plate, a fried sole lies in an orange sauce. A single strand of stiff fried noodles is laid on top of it.


Norway lobster “Nice”/beans/tuna/anchovy

The second main course of our choice. A lobster with tomato espuma surrounded by green bean sauce. There was also tuna tartare in the form of a ball surrounded by tomato gel. The whole dish was dressed with Italian olive oil. eggplants.

In a large white plate there is an intense green sauce on which is a large piece of lobster meat. A pink tomato foam is placed on top of the lobster. Next to the lobster lies an intense red ball of tartare. On the other side of the lobster lies a yellow chip.



Since one of the Tasting Beings does not eat fish and seafood, another main course was suggested off the menu. Which was very much to the liking of this Being. It was beef with mango gelatin and a blueberry crumble. eggplants.

In the center of a large white plate is a dark red sauce. In the center is laid a large rectangular piece of fried beef. Mango cubes and mango gel are laid over the meat.


Mieral pigeon/coffee/leek/boletus

A preview of the main course. The leek foam hid porcini cream and sliced pigeon meat. It was dusted with coffee powder and sprinkled with coffee oil. I liked this combination incredibly much, even though I don’t actually like pigeons. Surprising myself, I awarded it with the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

A white plate resembling a tire in in the center of which is a beige foam sprinkled with black powder.


Mieral pigeon/Vineyard peach/mushroom/coffee curry

This time already larger pieces of pigeon breast with the addition of savoy cabbage, boletus, Jerusalem artichoke and coffee curry. eggplants.

On a flat gray plate are placed pink pieces of pigeon breast, slices of porcini and leaves of savoy cabbage. All poured with a dark brown sauce.


Heart cherry/cherry blossom/sake/cocoa

Pre dessert. Cherry blossom mousse with cherry sorbet and chocolate granita. Decorated with a chocolate snake. Opinions were divided at our table, because some prefer sweeter desserts. I prefer the opposite, and I enjoyed the pre-dessert more than the dessert. Although both were great. Another big plus was the fact that this dish was dairy free. For me, the dessert was perfect and for that I awarded it the Happy Eggplant Badge! eggplants.

In a white deep plate is a ball of white foam. On top of the foam is a chocolate snake with dark leaves glued to it.


”Walk through the Wachau”

It was time for dessert and an apricot assiette, or apricot in several forms. The apricot ice cream, apricot sauce, apricot slices, apricot chips and apricot filling in a block of cheese. Complete with the addition of yuzu and a crunchy variation on the strudel. eggplants.

On a white plate, in the center is a spot of apricot sauce, on the right a tube with cheese in the center and apricot slices on top. On the left, a rectangular nugget of white cheese with orange apricot slices lying flat on top, on top of them a portion of orange ice cream and an apricot thin flake.


Childhood Memories

”Purple rain”

Chocolates with Cassis liqueur and elderberry. eggplants.

On a transparent pad there are three purple chocolates.


”Nimm 2”

Orange and lemon sphere. Sweet and refreshing. eggplants.

The ceramic white spoons hold yellow spheres decorated with a yellow enamel disk.



Beautiful coconut and chocolate ice lollipops with Amador restaurant logo. eggplants.

Flat, round lollipop on a stick. In the center is a dark circle with the restaurant logo embossed on it and around the dark is a light cream circle.


“Ice sandwich”

An ice cream sandwich consisting of a waffle with tonka bean and raspberry ice cream. eggplants.

 On a glass platter are three ice cream sandwiches. Each sandwich has three colors of ice cream: brown, pink, and green.


“Golden kiss”

The so-called warm ice cream. Sweet passion fruit foam, covered in chocolate and decorated with a gold flake. eggplants.

 Chocolate forms in the shape of gnome hats with gold pompoms are placed on a transparent coaster.



At the end, we got a little shot for goodnight. Blue gin, tonic, and sloe. The intense and perfect ending to the dinner. eggplants.

A small glass filled with white cream.



The time spent at the Amador restaurant was extraordinary. Everything was perfect, no imperfections. The service was excellent, probably the best we have experienced so far. Ideally balanced in terms of courtesy and humor. It was elegant and professional, but not stiff.

The multitude of techniques to prepare elements of each dish and how complex they were was impressive. It was impossible to forget that we were in a three-star restaurant.

Someone who thinks that it is impossible to eat one’s fill in such Fine Dining class restaurants, certainly has not been to Amador. Portions, as you can see, were solid and the number of dishes was also large.

Although I’m still getting used to Spanish cuisine, this dinner was very tasty and beautiful. The composition of the ingredients in the dishes was often surprising and innovative.

We regret not being able to see the Chef, but on our way out we were able to admire the awards he received.

The shelves on which the champagnes stand, guidebooks, cutlery statuettes and a plaque with three Michelin Stars.


Link to the restaurant Amador

The tasting date: 29.08.2020

Address: Grinzinger Str. 86, 1190 Vienna, Austria

Title picture: Sole Bolognese