The best restaurants of 2020

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It is not easy to write a summary for a year that was so cruel for the world’s gastronomy and especially for Fine Dining restaurants as last year 2020. Despite notorious lockdowns, we managed to eat in several excellent restaurants in Poland and in Vienna, including the five that are awarded with the @michelinguide stars. There were some great plans to visit Germany and Sweden, but unfortunately they have to wait for better times.

Below are two lists of restaurants that charmed us in 2020. The first list includes restaurants where we were for the tasting menu and the second one where we tried a la carte courses.

The awarded restaurant’s description also contains the dishes that delighted us and links to articles (if I managed to write them, some are still waiting for their turn). The restaurants on the lists are placed alphabetically.

The Best Restaurants - Tasting Menu

Amador (Vienna)

Three Michelin stars

Chef: Juan Amador

Three Michelin stars oblige and the dinner at the Amador restaurant was at an excellent level both in terms of tasting and service.

More about visit in Amador restaurant.

The best course: Dungeness crab/Bell pepper/Pimenton with tarragon aroma.

A white bowl from which vapor clouds of liquid nitrogen escape. In the middle you can see two crispy, orange flat cakes. On each cake there was a ball of orange gel with a brown leaf.

Arco by Paco Pérez (Gdańsk)

Chef: Antonio Arcieri

Chef Patron: Paco Pérez

The tasting dinner at Arco was very original. We have never had the opportunity to taste Catalan flavors before.

More about visit in Arco restaurant

The best course: “All Y Pebre” eel

On the white, flat plate there is a portion of dipped in orange and brown sauces eel. Dots of orange sauce are placed around it. There are two black nori chips on the eel.

Biały królik (Gdynia)

Chef: Rafał Koziorzemski

Chef Patron: Marcin Popielarz

This is our second visit to the Biały Królik restaurant and we are still enchanted by this wonderful and beautiful cuisine, which every time takes us into a fairytale world. More about visit in Biały królik restaurant

The best course: Cured Kashubian duck breast with smoked pork cracklings and fried yolk

Tartare with mustard and dogwood balls placed on a beige parchment on a turquoise plate. There are little yellow crisps and green leaves stuck into the tartare.

Bottiglieria1881 (Cracow)

One Michelin star

Chef: Przemysław Klima

Although the restaurant is famous for its excellent selection of wines, We decided on only a tasting menu and it was very pleasant.

More about visit in Bottiglieria1881 restaurant

The best course: Trout/beetroot/kefir

In the dark bowl there is a chopped trout, covered with slices of beetroot, on which a portion of caviar lies. Around the clearing is a white sauce with green drops of oil.

Copernicus (Cracow)

Michelin Guide Plate

Chef: Marcin Filipkiewicz

Since we’ve been trying to go to Copernicus restaurant for years, the happier we are that we managed to do it in this crazy, last year. More about visit in Copernicus restaurant.

The best course: Baked cauliflower with lemon hummus

On a flat, white plate lie the brown roses of cauliflower. In the middle, the hummus is spread. The whole is sprinkled with pine nuts and decorated with parsley.

Edvard (Vienna)

One Michelin star

Chef: Thomas Pedevilla

Full of elegance and sophistication cuisine, and a nice service. We visited Edvard restaurant in January 2020 and I still vividly recall these specialties and relaxed atmosphere.

More about visit in Edvard restaurant

The best course: Loup de Mer/Razor Shell/Mignonette

In a deep white plate,  a piece of fish with fried skin from above is placed. The fish is surrounded by foam.  On the edge of the plate is a black, oblong shell with lighter, transverse stripes.

Epoka (Warsaw)

Chef: Marcin Przybysz

The Degustująca Istota has managed to be at the Epoka restaurant twice this year. In our opinion it is definitely one of the best restaurants in Poland. Excellent service and original, creative cuisine is addictive. If circumstances allow us we would be in Warsaw every month to try the new Epoka menu.

More about visit in Epoka restaurant in June

The best course: Eel in pasties with chopped meat

On a small white pedestal there is a burger in a cut-up steamed bun. Underneath the top half of the roll a green coriander leaf sticks out.

Fiorentina (Cracow)

Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand

Chef: Robert Koczwara

We decided to spend Valentine’s Day in Fiorentina restaurant. It was exactly as it should be, romantic mood and delicious food.

More about visit in Fiorentina restaurant

The best course: Foie gras/vanilla/figs/Chałka/hazelnut

Two foie gras balls  with red glaze, pretending to be cherries. Dark green sugar sticks stick out of the balls. On the back on the plate are slices of chałka.

Isto (Katowice)

Chef: Patryk Dusza

This restaurant is very special for us, because, in a way, our Fine Dining adventure began with it. The year 2020 was not easy and at one point the Isto without the Chef Patryk lost its shine, but fortunately, it regained it. We can’t wait to sit in the Isto again and try the tasting menu.

More about visit in Isto restaurant

The best course: Sunflower seeds risotto with sheep cheese and a black chanterelle

On a dark green plate there is a portion dark green risotto with black chanterelle. In the background view of the restaurant.

La Rotisserie (Warsaw)

Michelin Guide Plate

Chef: Artur Grajber

We were encouraged by the festive menu to enter the La Rotisserie restaurant. And it was a great choice. Friendly Chef and excellent meals. We hope to return to La Rotisserie quickly.

More about visit in La Rotisserie restaurant

The best course: Wagyu (Urugwaj)/roasted leek/scorzonera/truffle potatoes

Placed on a gray flat plate there are two pieces of beef roasted and pink inside. Next to thick slices of roasted leek and puree.

Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant (Vienna)

Two Michelin stars

Chef: Silvio Nickol

It was a fabulous dinner which we will not forget for a long time. It was difficult to pick the best dish here because there were so many great dishes we ate in this restaurant. We also had the pleasure to meet the Chef personally while he was working in the kitchen, which was a fantastic experience.

More about visit in Silvio Nickol restaurant

The best course: Duck liver/mushroom/spruce/chocolate

In a thick, dark grey dish arranged There are mushrooms and acorns from liver mousse, surrounded by green twigs, yellow and burgundy flower petals, and vertically arranged pieces of chocolate.

Tian (Vienna)

One Michelin star

Chef: Paul Ivić

It was a beautiful adventure. Vegetarian Fine Dining at the Michelin star level is something we have long been looking for, and we are hoping that there will be more such places in the future.

More about visit in Tian restaurant

The best course: Truffle pasta

Pasta spaghetti with white sauce and slices of white truffle.

Villa Gardena (Chorzów/Katowice)

Chef: Dominik Duraj

Unfortunately, Villa Gardena is now closed. We managed to have the long-awaited tasting dinner on the last day that restaurant was open. We are very sad that such a fantastic place is no longer available in Silesia.

More about visit in Villa Gardena restaurant

The best course: Octopus/sepia/parsley oil/parsley root

Tentacle of octopus on a black risotto. Around it is green olive oil and diced parsley root

The Best Restaurants - a la Carte

Mercato (Gdańsk)

Chef: Paweł Stawicki

We visited Mercato twice in 2020, once at lunchtime and a second time for breakfast. Both visits were very satisfying.

The best course: Homemade linguini pasta with sous vide and fried turbot. Sauce from champagne and shrimps.

In a black shiny plate lies a coiled linguini. There are two pieces of turbot and baby spinach leaves on the pasta.

Plado and Umami (Gliwice and Pyskowice)

The chefs in the sister restaurants are: Mateusz Bieniek and Robert Biniasz

We managed to visit the Plado and Umami restaurants several times last year, but we used their take-out offer much more often, and in both forms, they did not disappoint us. Although the Fine Dining in delivery is an almost impossible thing, it was nice to eat something from the “top shelf” when there was no opportunity to visit the restaurant.

The best course: Ostrich tartar / pickled asparagus / creamy yolk / green onion

Tatar with ostrich with pieces of asparagus and yolk.

Prologue (Gdańsk)

Chef: Wojciech Korfel

The one such place. The prologue is unique not only because of the stunningly good steaks from Wagyu, but also splendid desserts. We already miss these specialties. More about visit in Prologue restaurant

The best course: Wagyu steak

On a wooden board lies a sliced steak.

Sacher Restaurant Rote Bar (Vienna)

Michelin Guide Plate

Chef: Dominik Stolzer

In 2020 we visited the famous Sacher hotel twice. The first time was in January at breakfast, which naturally ended the Sacher Torte and the second time in August, when we decided to visit the Restaurant Rote Bar and it was an excellent idea. More about visit in Restaurant Rote Bar restaurant

The best course: Original Sacher goose liver tarte with elderberry, apricot and hazelnut brioche.

On an oval, white, flat plate there is a piece of goose liver pate tart, in the middle, on an orange square of jelly there is a portion of elderberry and a gold-plated ball also made of goose liver. On the opposite side of the grate there is a small bun sprinkled with pieces of hazelnuts. In the background a beautiful restaurant with a gold-plated mirror on the wall.

Signature (Warsaw)

Michelin Guide Plate

Chef: Wojtek Kilian

We try to visit Signature at least once a year because we like this restaurant very much. Peace of mind, delicious food and great service with Mr. David in the lead.

The best course: Octopus/potato/tomato/avocado/lemon mayonnaise

On a white plate there are two pieces of octopus lying on top of each other with a dark green cone. Next to it there is a portion of brown sauce.

Śląska prohibicja (Katowice)

Chef: Magdalena Nowaczewska

It took some time before we decided to visit the Śląska Prohibicja. I must admit that the delay was caused by very difficult parking in Nikiszowiec. Indeed it can be difficult to find a parking spot there, but it is worth it. In the menu there is something for the lovers of Silesian traditional dishes, but there are also other interesting menu positions.

The best course: Guinea fowl breast / mashed potatoes / asparagus / brown champignon/ roasted chicken sauce

On a bright, flat plate lies a stuffed guinea fowl's leg. Next to it is a portion of puree with green asparagus, mushrooms and sugar peas shoots on top. The whole is poured with baking sauce.

Villa Vienna (Bytom)

Chef: Roman Miś

In Villa Vienna the Wiener Schnitzel is worth a sin (especially with potatoes with vinegar and onions). Also the goose feast was wonderful, the sensational goose legs, fillet and liver made our November gloomy days more pleasant. All of these courses we got delivered to our home due to the national lockdown. However, the best dish was a great halibut, which we managed to eat on the spot in the restaurant during a short break between lockdowns.

The best course: Halibut with sweet potato fries.

On a flat, blue plate lies a coated piece of halibut and in a melted basket of sweet potato fries. On the plate there is also a bowl with a salad with cocktail tomatoes.


I admire Chefs, restaurateurs and the whole restaurant service for fighting, for not giving up even though the year was extremely hard and the next one does not look any brighter. I can only wish you courage and determination, and thank you for this effort.

I wish you, dear guest, so you can have opportunity to enter your favorite restaurants as soon as possible and enjoy delicious food and great company. In the meantime, support the local gastronomy, order take-away and delivery food, publish positive comments and be good to yourselves so that we all survive somehow this strange, anxious time.

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