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Tian is a vegetarian Fine Dining restaurant in Vienna. And in fact this vegetarian Fine Dining tempted us to try their eight-course lunch tasting menu. Chef @paul_ivic is able to impress with his artistic dishes. Tian was awarded the star of the guide @michelinguide and three toques of the guide Gault & Millau.


Crisp bread/rolls/butter/olive oil and rapeseed oil

We liked the modern way of serving bread. The vials contained various olive oils as well as rapeseed oil and salt. The butter was arranged in a rose shape and the rolls were still warm. eggplants.

 On a wooden, rectangular base are placed 4 glass vials, rose-shaped butter putted into a glass container recessed in the base. Small rolls are arranged behind the vials, and on the end there is crispbread.


Brussels sprouts/onion

First Amuse-bouche was served along with the bread. It was Brussels sprouts, in the leaves of which a mini brussels sprouts salad was hidden. eggplants.

On a white plate lies Brussels sprouts, decorated with cream.


A wonderful, small donut with onion filling and onion chips was served with Brussels sprouts. eggplants.

 A small donut was placed on a plate with moss and crisps with two dots of cream, pieces of pink pickled onions and onion jam.



The first time we had the opportunity to eat the crosne and it was very good. Great composition of flavors and textures. eggplants.

 White cream dome on a gray plate, sprinkled with black and green powder. On it lies a piece of glassy, ​​beige crosne next to which a yellow, buttered sauce is poured.


Red meat/red emmalie/radicchio

Another beautiful dish. Both the description of the dish and the presentation resembled a traditional tartare, but of course it was made from only vegetables. eggplants.

On a beige, rough plate texture with a darker and smooth center, a red composition is arranged. On the bottom of the chopped vegetables are arranged in different shades of red flakes.


Red corn/white corn/hogweed

Hogweed soup was also eaten by us for the first time and was excellent. An amazing soup was so aromatic and delicious that we would like to eat a whole pot of it. eggplants.

Dark brown soup when pouring into a gray bowl.


As an addition to the soup the corn chips were served.

On a corn leaf stand is given chips decorated with dried stalks.


Kale/celery/oyster mushroom

A very celery dish. It consisted of two parts: main dish and salads. eggplants.

A circle with is laid out on a white plate vegetables, one part of which is white and the other dark green with kale. On top is a large kale leaf.


Vegetable salad with celery.

A small bowl with finely chopped vegetables and breaded celery cubes.


Truffle pasta

Yes! It was a brilliant course. Finally we were able to eat a dish with white truffle and it was perfect. Nothing dominated the taste and smell of truffles. Just as we love. The sauce further enhanced this taste. We already miss this pasta. The Happy Eggplant badge is surely well deserved. eggplants.

Pasta spaghetti with white sauce and slices of white truffle.


Beautifully served intermezzo. Cool ice cream, foam and a crunchy cookie. eggplants.

In a glass ball with a hole, placed on the wood are ice cream. There is white foam around the ice cream and a cookie is placed in the ice cream.


Jerusalem artichoke/khorasan wheat/sorrel

The main course also consisted of two parts. The first part, finished at the table with a beautiful golden sauce. eggplants.

On the plate, bright disk of chopped vegetables, decorated with roasted wheat and leaves.


The second part of the main course, i.e. crispy, delicate chips.

In a bowl with wheat grains, are two delicate white chips with dots of three different creams.


Schlossberger/parsley root/coffee grounds

Crunchy dish, composed of chopped parsley root and cheese slices. eggplants.

On beige, rough from the edges of the plate are arranged in a circle pieces of parsley root covered with cheese slices from above. The top is decorated with parsley leaves and parsley root slices. There is a crisp on the edge of the plate.


Red rice pudding/red & yellow beet

A delicate and creamy pudding. Beautifully served. eggplants.

In a dark bowl with the white interior has a red, glassy disc with orange balls on top and next to it is a red crispbread.


Sunny side up/coconut/mango/IPA

It was one of the very few desserts that I ate entirely with taste. A perfect dessert for me. And this is because the interior was filled with condensed, bitter IPA beer, which perfectly broke the sweetness of the other parts of the dessert. It also looks phenomenal and sunny. For this beautiful and perfect dessert, the Degustująca Istota gladly awards with the Happy Eggplant badge. eggplants.

On a black flat plate, the bright yellow hemisphere is located. A golden, thick, beer liquid spills out of it. Around the hemisphere there is a white sauce that turns golden on the edges.



What a fascinating experience. It turned out that Vegetable Fine Dining can be unusual and above all very beautiful, at least in the Tian restaurant. Served dishes are art on the plate. We could try many new flavors and plants that we have never tried anywhere else.

At the end we were treated with some beautiful petit fours.

PA box full of various chocolates and sweets.


The Degustująca Istota for a beautiful lunch entitled “A Walk Through the Vegetable Garden” gives the Tian Restaurant the Happy Eggplant badge.

Odznaka Wesołego Bakłażana

Tian restaurant receives: 245/250!

Link to the restaurant Tian

Address: Himmelpfortgasse 23 1010 Vienna, Austria

Title picture: Red meat