Biały Królik

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The mysterious Biały Królik (White Rabbit) restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia. The Chef here is Rafał Koziorzemski (@rafalchef__smaktowna) and the Chef Patron is Marcin Popielarz (@popek_52).

Intrigued by the interestingly sounding “Follow the White Rabbit” menu, the Degustująca Istota was tempted to visit this restaurant at the end of November last year. Unfortunately earlier she didn’t find time to describe this magical evening.


Own-baked bread/buckwheat crisp/chives butter/caramel butter

From the beginning when the bread was served, we were transferred to the forest atmosphere. The bread was given in a circle of bark decorated with whole nuts and acorns. It pleased the eye and the palate. eggplants.

 Bread slices with a bottle of olive oil in a circle formed from bark and decorated with nuts and acorns.


Butter served in the form of charming balls, together with a buckwheat crisps. We would like more of these butters, because they were very good.

 The wooden pad has small bowls with ball-shaped butter (yellow and green)  and two vertically arranged beige crisps.


Snail/roasted garlic

Beautiful and tasty amuse-bouche. eggplants.

On the round glass saucer is a green ball made of a snail, on which there is a bit of red sauce and a leaf stuck on top.


Duck tongue/pork rind/cranberry

A bit controversial Amuse-bouche in the form of shashlik. It is worth to give it a try. It was crunchy and had a nicely composed flavor. eggplants.

 Small shashlik served on a slate. Two small pieces in tempura with pink gel dots, handled on a red stick.


Potato salad with roasted herring and fried yolk

Delicious herring accompanied with creamy egg yolk and potato salad. eggplants.

 A strip of herring with the skin, next to it only yolk sprinkled with green powder.  At the top of the plate a slightly green salad is formed into a circle and decorated with greens from above.


Crumbed goat feta with sloe and roasted beetroot and jerusalem artichoke

Nicely balanced and tasty dish. Very interesting coatings. eggplants.

On a dark plate there are: black and yellow ball, separated by pink ice cream and surrounded by smaller beetroot balls.


Cabbage soup cooked on smoked ribs with gherkin and macerated sturgeon

Excellent essential soup with delicate sturgeon. Beautifully served and very tasty. The delicious, fall off the bone ribs were brought as the attachment to the soup. The whole course nicely complemented itself. The Degustująca Istota gives this Cabbage soup the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

In a white deep plate is poured an orange clear soup on the edges of which green oil has settled. Sturgeon slices barely visible at the bottom, and in the middle arranged cucumber strips, on them puree and kale chips.


Pear/elderberry/green pepper

Extremely refreshing Intermezzo. Unfortunately, I don’t like green pepper so it was quite difficult for me to eat. eggplants.

Black pot in which interior  is a dark piece of pear with green oblong leaves and showered with light powder.


Wild boar cheek in horseradish sauce with red cabbage and marinated Sechna prunes

The main course was wonderful. Soft, crumbling meat and crunchy red cabbage blended in perfectly with Sechna prunes. eggplants.

White flat plate  and on it a piece of red cabbage, a piece of dark wild boar meat and two layers of small onions.  The whole is covered with sauce.


Chocolate cake with hazelnuts and roasted parsnip/sea buckthorn ice cream

An interesting dessert that combined several textures. However, he was too sweet for me. eggplants.

On a flat white plate lies a brown strip of mousse in which orange panes and dark brown chocolate sponges are stuck.  Next to the crushed nuts a portion of orange sea-buckthorn ice cream is also placed.


Petits Fours

Roasted rye/herb honey. Quince/juniper/pine. “Bajaderka”. These are cute sweets,  which resembled mushrooms growing in a forest. eggplants.

On discs cut from the trunk of the tree and  painted dark, are two pieces of every sweets: two black balls in a white paper from the bottom,   two green balls and two halves of rye balls stuck together with honey.



The “Follow the White Rabbit” dinner was full of surprises. Courses perfectly matched the subject of forest and magic, what the Degustująca Istota liked very much. They were also fancifully prepared and served.  A large amount of work was put in to serve such interesting dishes. At the end a great tincture was offered to us.

Finding weaknesses, the service was sometimes quite cold and reluctant to answer questions about dishes.

It is worth adding that the entire hotel together with the restaurant has the rule that only those who are over 16 are allowed. The Degustująca Istota doesn’t see anything wrong with it, it’s good that there are places where you can come with children and it’s good that there are places where you can relax without them.

For this magical evening the Degustująca Istota awards the @bialykrolikgdynia by the Happy Eggplant Badge.

Happy Eggplant Badge

The Biały Królik restaurant receives: 242/250!

Link to the restaurant Biały Królik

Address: ul. Folwarczna 2, 81-547 Gdynia, Poland

Title picture: Cabbage soup with sturgeon