Fiorentina - Valentines

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Tempted by the beautifully sounding Valentine’s menu, the Degustująca Istota with her Valentine went to the restaurant @fiorentina_krakow. The chef of Fiorentina Dom Polski is Robert Koczwara. The restaurant is recommended by the yellow guide @gaultmillaupolska, in which it received two chef hats.

The restaurant’s decor is stylish and romantic. Perfect for Valentine’s Day celebration.

The interior of the restaurant. Brick walls and ceiling,  tables in the middle. On the wall in front is a silver bull's head.



Goat cheese/beetroot/pumpkin seeds

Amuse-bouche. A gently sweet goat cheese mousse. eggplants.

 A bowl with a yellow ball made of goat cheese, next to which lies a dot of beetroot mousse and a thin slice of beetroot.  The whole dish is decorated with pumpkin seeds and beet leaf.


Foie gras/vanilla/figs/Chałka/hazelnut

Creamy foie gras with vanilla, fig preserve and caramelized hazelnuts. Served with slices of Chałka(sweet bread) fried in orange syrup. A perfect combination. We will remember this foie gras for a long time. eggplants.

Two foie gras balls  with red glaze, pretending to be cherries. Dark green sugar sticks stick out of the balls. On the back on the plate are slices of chałka.


Crayfish cream

A bit sweet crayfish cream flavoured with parsley oil. Inside there were dumplings with crayfish meat and pickled celery. eggplants.

 Orange crayfish cream when pouring into the bowl in which the rest is located  ingredients and a crayfish crust with head and tongs for decoration.


Grapefruit sorbet/yogurt/dill

Intermezzo, which did its job perfectly. Refreshing and tasty. The cold sorbet was balanced by the yogurt sphere. Dill oil has also added smoothness and an interesting taste. eggplants.

 Nicely bent spoons with pink sorbet between which is placed a sphere of yogurt.


Duck/parsnip/orange sauce/hazelnut

Polish duck with parsnip puree, Jacqueline sauce and hazelnuts. eggplants.

A snail stamp made of dark sauce on parsnip puree.  Next to it is a duck fillet strap.


Caramel apple

Due to allergies, we asked to change the dessert, which was originally a cheesecake. It turned out that thanks to this we got one of the most beautiful desserts we have ever seen. A beautiful, red apple with a diced apple inside and peach-hibiscus sorbet. Taste and presentation at the highest level. Wonderful. eggplants.

Imitation of red apple on a nut crumble, with a mint leaf at the top.



On goodbye we got beautiful and tasty pralines. eggplants.

 Two pralines served on a piece of wood.  Two white cubes and two dark round ones. All frozen with gold from above.



What deserves special mention in the served dishes is the attention to detail. Beautifully designed and refined in every inch the courses were interesting and beautiful. Foie gras was definitely one of the best ones that we have eaten and have eaten a lot of them. The dessert also gave us a lot of joy and satisfaction. The only downside this evening was the service. The ladies were polite, but very busy, which made serving dishes and talking about them rushed and it was difficult to hear. For a beautiful Valentine’s evening and wonderful dishes, the Degustująca Istota awards the Fiorentina by the Happy Eggplant Badge.

Happy Eggplant Badge

The Fiorentina restaurant receives: 241/250!

Link to the restaurant Fiorentina

Address: ul. Grodzka 63, 31-044 Cracow, Poland

Title picture: Caramel apple