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To the Rozbrat 20 restaurant the Degustująca Istota wanted to go for almost a year. Fortunately, in December, a few days before Christmas, she made it.

The @rozbrat_20 restaurant is recommended by @michelinguide and @gaultmillaupolska. The Chef here is @bartszymczak, which serves surprising and elegant delicacies, which change depending on the season. There are six seasons in the Rozbrat 20. The Degustująca Istota had the pleasure of tasting the dishes from the lunch menu of season VI “Christmas Time”.

The Rozbrat 20 is one of six restaurants of the group called “Ferment Group”. The Degustująca Istota visited another restaurant belonging to this group, the Butchery and Wine. But about this, I will write another time.

Ferment group leaflet,  on which there are photos of six chefs from restaurants belonging to the ferment group.




Mulled beverage from kombucha. For the first time, the Degustująca Istota tried something like this and it was very good. eggplants.

 A crystal glass with orange-brown liquid.



Wheat and wholemeal bread was served. Both were delicious, warm and had a crunchy crust. In addition, two types of butter: cream and barley malt. eggplants.

Placed on a round wooden board there are two types of butter, white and light brown.


A set of three Amuse-Bouches

A beautiful amuse-bouche set. Puff pastry with sauerkraut and beef heart pastrami. Brioche with chicken liver pate and foie gras. Last but not least, apple and bison grass flavoured jelly beans. eggplants.

 Mini sandwiches and two jelly beans are arranged on a plate filled with white pebbles.



Herring with grape pesto, slices of grapes and grape juice used in vinaigrette. Next to the herring a different version of it is placed, a herring salad. eggplants.

 Herring strips with silver skin are arranged on a white plate. On them lay slices of grapes,  pieces of pickled onions and dill. On the other edge of the plate is a herring salad.


Foie gras/duck heart/mulberry/brioche

This dish was not on the lunch menu, but the Degustująca Istota could not refuse it when seeing it in the menu card and she ordered the tasting menu and this dish as an addition to the lunch. It was a great idea. The course was amazing. eggplants.

Foie gras cut in a plaid on toasted brioche. Next to it, a duck heart cut lengthwise and poured with a light sauce.


Borscht/smoked mackerel/mushroom/marjoram

Borscht was served with mini ravioli, mushrooms and crispy beetroot pieces. One pair of ravioli contained ricotta and smoked mackerel, and the other contained mushrooms. The herbal taste of borscht was a little too intense in my opinion, but the ravioli were delicious. eggplants.

Borscht during pouring from a glass teapot into a stone bowl with small ravioli, beetroot and mushrooms.


Lamb/salsify/sweet potato/dried fruit

Well-prepared lamb with sweet potato fritters, pickled and dried salsify and plum puree. eggplants.

Two pieces of lamb,  laid on an orange sweet potato pie. The whole dish is decorated with slices of dried salsify.


Apple/pudding/cinnamon/puff pastry

Dessert. An apple in several ways. The dessert was fruity and sweet, but not too sweet. A nice addition was the crunchy cookie and crumble. eggplants.

 In the center of a large white flat plate lay white ice cream, a cream cake,  apple jelly, on which lie tightly pressed apple slices, decorated with pansies.



At the end we got a beautiful Christmas gift box and tested excellent tinctures made by the Rozbrat 20 restaurant. The sweets had flavors: salty caramel, truffle with orange, sunflower with cocoa and white chocolate. We liked the last praline the most. A very interesting combination. eggplants.

 A glass box with six chocolates, located on beige flakes. Next to the pralines is a cinnamon stick.



The Degustująca Istota and her companion were very pleased to be in the Rozbrat 20. The lunch menu turned out to be very interesting and above all, consistent. The theme of winter and holidays appeared throughout all dishes. The presentation of the courses was amazing. Each dish had something interesting. Small details that made it interesting and that “something is happening” feeling. The service was friendly and fully professional. We can’t wait to go to the Rozbrat 20 restaurant for a tasting dinner.

For a perfect lunch and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, the Degustująca Istota is happy to award the Rozbrat 20 by Happy Eggplant Badge.

Happy Eggplant Badge

The Rozbrat 20 restaurant receives: 243/250!

Link to the restaurant Rozbrat_20

Address: st. Rozbrat 20, 00-447 Warsaw, Poland

Title picture: Three Amuse-Bouches