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I never though that I would write this article in such sad circumstances, when the Villa Gardena has been closed. This is a huge loss for us, as well as for the entire Silesian culinary scene. The Villa Gardena restaurant was also appreciated by the guide @gaultmillaupolska in which she received two toques.

Chef Dominik Duraj has proved his talent to us many times and prepared dishes that we will remember for a long time. For an example, a brilliant potato cream with fresh truffle, which was our first dish at the Villa Gardena restaurant and from which we absolutely fell in love in this place. There was also a guinea fowl served at Fine Dining Week. The best prepared guinea fowl, from those we had pleasure to eat.

Not all delicious dishes have been described on the Degustująca Istota blog, that’s why I will allow myself for a bit too long article today to mention some of those which didn’t have the opportunity to be there before.

The day before the restaurant closing we were at Villa Gardena on Fine Dining tasting dinner. In the darkest thoughts we didn’t think  that it will be our last dinner in this beautiful place.



Amuse-bouche, which perfectly suited our taste. Crunchy, sweet and sour. eggplants.

On a white plate are pieces of cabbage,  dipped in oil and decorated with nasturtium leaves.


Avocado/homemade curd/pine nuts/horseradish mayonnaise/nasturtium/lime

Beautiful and tasty appetizer. Creamy avocados fit perfectly to cottage cheese. The whole dish was seasoned with horseradish and lime. We liked the dish so much, that we awarded it the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

On a black plate sliced ​​avocado and curd are arranged. The whole meal sprinkled with pine nuts and decorated with nasturtium leaves.


Scallops/dashi from trout/apple/micro herbs/saffron

Delicate scallops in saffron sauce. eggplants.

 Two scallops in a deep black plate. Dipped in an orange saffron sauce and decorated with herbs.


Octopus/sepia/parsley oil/parsley root

Excellent, delicate octopus on black risotto with sepia. As an addition, parsley confit in butter and parsley oil. This is another dish that delighted us, which is why we will grant it by the Happy Eggplant badge. eggplants.

Tentacle of octopus on a black risotto. Around it is green olive oil and diced parsley root.


Passion fruit /mango

A refreshing intermezzo. Tasty sorbet. Not too sweet. eggplants.

An orange sorbet is placed on white plate.



As a main course the sous-vide duck was served with beetroot reduction and grilled parsnip. eggplants.

Fired duck breast on a white plate. Next to it is a grilled, cut in half lengthwise parsnip. Added to this is red, rolled up beet slices.


Honey cake/lemon sorbet/pecans/honey

A delicious dessert in which the sweetness of the cake was balanced by the sourness of the lemon sorbet. eggplants.

A piece of honey cake decorated with pecans and portions of cream. Next to it is a portion of white lemon sorbet.



The tasting traditionally had gotten started with sourdough bread and butter with coarse salt.

Bread under a napkin and butter on the wood.


On the end, they delighted us with beautiful small sweets. Chocolate mousse, almond cake and our favorite, wonderful macaroon.

On the plate sweets were arranged. Almond cake, green macaroon and round chocolate mousse with a piece of tangerine.


For an excellent Fine Dining dinner at a high level with pleasure and sadness, that this is the last such dinner, we award the Villa Gardena restaurant by the Happy Eggplant Badge.

The Happy Eggplant Badge

On the farewell the fabulous guinea fowl that was mentioned earlier.

A piece of guinea fowl fillet, rolled up in roller with crispy skin. In addition pieces of cauliflower.


A delicious trout marinated in beets from the same dinner at Fine Dining Week, is also worth mentioning. Perfect.

A piece of pink beetroot trout  with tiny beetroot leaves.


Also a beautifully served and well prepared sea bass with Brussels sprouts and currants.

Brussel with blackcurrant, laid out on  puff pastry flakes. Next to it is a baked piece of sea bass with skin.


We can only thank the whole team of Villa Gardena for the effort, talent and heart for what they did. It was a unique place for us. We hope to meet again somewhere. Good luck.

Villa Gardena restaurant receives: 241/250!

Link to the restaurant Villa Gardena

Address: Al. Planetarium 1 41-516 Katowice / Chorzów

Title picture: Avocado starter