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On a summer day in August we went for a romantic dinner in Cracow. It was so beautiful. Sunshine, warmth and open restaurants.

Below is a picture of the Wawel Cathedral.

A picture of the Wawel Cathedral.


For the tasting menu we went to Copernicus restaurant ( @copernicusrestauracjakrakow), where the Chef is Marcin Filipkiewicz (@mfilipkiewicz). This restaurant has a recommendation (Plate) from Michelin Guide (@michelinguide), and Gault & Millau (@gaultmillaupolska) recommendation.

We decided on the Chef’s 9 course tasting menu. There was also a choice of 5 and 7 course menus.


Young beetroot consommé/ yoghurt and lemon ice cream/ salmon

The dinner began traditionally with an amuse-bouche. eggplants.

On a blue plate lies a portion of white ice cream surrounded by beet consomme and garnished with pieces of salmon.



Next we were brought baked goods. There were small obwarzanek krakowski, focaccia, bread and matzo. To this we were given various additions: white bean lard with seeds, dried tomato and dried plum jam, and butter with parsley oil. eggplants.

 On the table on three small woods lie two white bowls. One with red tomato paste, the other with butter. On the third wood lies a disc of lard from beans, coated in poppy seeds and grains. In the background, various breads lie on a white plate and napkin.


Salad with green and red tomatoes and wholemeal crunchy

Tomato bavarese served with tomato chunks and lettuce. Wholemeal crust made an appearance here as a crunchy accompaniment. eggplants.

A white Bavarese ball is arranged in the center of a white plate, surrounded by pieces of small tomatoes and lettuce. On top of the tomatoes lie thin, crunchy slices of bread. The whole dish is drizzled with orange sauce.


Baked cauliflower with lemon hummus

The perfect, slightly nutty taste of roasted cauliflower went beautifully with the lemon hummus. The pine nuts emphasized this nuttiness even more. I gladly award this appetizer the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

On a flat white plate lie brown florets of cauliflower. In the middle is spread hummus. All sprinkled with pine nuts and garnished with parsley.


Jurassic salmon with Łąckie apple and wasabi

Tender salmon accompanied by creme fraiche, wasabi, celery and compressed egg caviar. A tasty combination that definitely deserves the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

A rectangular piece of salmon is placed on a gray plate. Green leaves and thin strips of celery and white and transparent balls are placed on the salmon. Next to the salmon are portions of green wasabi cream.


Foie gras with strawberry chutney

The plate included both foie gras pate and fried foie gras. To contrast the heaviness, strawberry slices and strawberry chutney were added. A very interesting combination. It is a pity that there was so little foie gras. eggplants.

On a flat, dark gray plate lies a piece of fried liver, a dose of pate, slices of strawberries, two servings of strawberry chutney and dots of pink gel.


Young onion consommé with Sechna prunes (Suska Sechlońska) and dumplings

Tasty, essential broth with one large dumpling also stuffed with an intense plum filling. eggplants.

Dark broth in a white deep plate. A large dumpling with a dark filling is slightly dipped in the broth. Pieces of onions lie next to it.


Trout from Ojców with green vegetables and mead.

Delicious trout with crispy skin with spinach and honey mousse and grilled spring onions. A great dish to which I also awarded the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

On a white flat plate lies a square piece of fish with a browned crust. Next to it lie glazed spinach leaves and grilled whole spring onion.



A pleasant intermezzo of Mirabelle with mint syrup, chili and lemon sorbet. eggplants.

In a white bowl is placed orange sauce and on it a portion of lemon sorbet is placed.


Lamb in mint sauce with mustard jam and pickled aubergine

Lamb was served for the main course. The meat was tender, falling apart and the side dishes were well composed. eggplants.

 A slice of meat in sauce is placed on a white deep plate. A purple, oblong piece of eggplant and portions of grainy mustard are placed on top of the meat. An orange puree is also visible next to the meat.



Bread ice cream with bread crunch. eggplants.

 In a deep white bowl with a brown rim, lies a portion of light brown ice cream with a crunch in the middle and a white crumble.


Vanilla cheesecake with chocolate ice cream and blackcurrant

First dessert. It was cheesecake, served with chocolate ice cream, currant granita and currant sauce. eggplants.

On a white plate lie two pieces of cheesecake in teardrop and hemispherical shapes with vanilla seeds visible, next is a portion of chocolate ice cream, a portion of red currant granita and a sprig of yellow currants. Garnished with red sauce.


Creamy parfait with raspberries in elderberry flowers consommé

A sensational, light dessert. Sweet, but not too much. With a delicate meringue and fruity notes. Rarely, but nevertheless it happens that a dessert gets the Order of the Happy Eggplant from me and this is exactly the case. eggplants.

On a white plate, white pieces of parfait and crumbled meringue. There are still pieces of raspberries, orange flower petals and green leaves. The waiter pours a clear consommé from a ceramic white pitcher.


Goodbye sweets

That is, the so-called Petit Four which consisted of various pralines and cookies, including cantucci. eggplants.

Chocolate pralines and cookies are arranged on a black rectangular stone.



Before leaving, we had a chance to visit the roof terrace of the restaurant building. The view was gorgeous. We could admire the illuminated Wawel Castle and see how the restaurant room looks from above.

View of the dining room from the terrace.

View through the glass roof into the restaurant room.


View of Wawel Castle from the restaurant terrace.

It is already dark and you can see the beautifully illuminated Wawel Castle.


The dinner was wonderful. It suited our taste perfectly. The only thing we could possibly wish for more would be larger portions, but the value for money was still very good.

The service was very good. The gentleman who served us was keen to talk about the details of each dish and created a very friendly atmosphere.

We’re honestly surprised that the restaurant only has a Plate from the Michelin Guide, because we’d happily give it a star for such great food. We can’t give a star, but we can and we give a Happy Eggplant Badge for a great evening and excellent food.

Happy Eggplant Badge

Link to the restaurant Copernicus

Address: Kanonicza 16, Cracow

Title picture: Jurassic salmon