Celebration in Isto

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Fine Dining is the best way for us to spend birthdays. After all, when if not on your birthday, you can allow yourself a little luxury. This October evening was very special to us as we celebrated Mom’s birthday. So we opted for one of our favorite fine dining restaurants in Silesia, the Isto restaurant (@restauracjaisto) with Chef Patryk Dusza (@chefpatrykdusza) in the lead.

The view from the Isto restaurant to the Spodek.

You can see part of the Spodek through the windows of the restaurant with the Isto logo. The sky is overcast and the evening is coming.




First we were offered a variety of breads. These included slices of sourdough bread and flatbreads. The breads were served with delicious butter with salt and sensational truffle espuma. eggplants.

On a wooden table lies a cloth bag filled with bread. Next to it lies a dark stone with a portion of yellow butter sprinkled with coarse salt. In a low glass between the stone and the sack is a white espuma.

Tomato consommé

Tomato consommé of red tomatoes with olive oil. Beautifully served and very good. Perfect for the autumn mood. eggplants.

White coffee cup filled with orange and green liquid. On a saucer and under the cup lies a green maple leaf. Next to it on a stone lies a piece of fish pierced with a stick.

Mackerel/fennel/smoked cheese

Another amuse-bouche. A piece of mackerel with fennel and cheese, garnished with flower petals. eggplants.

Close-up of a stone on which lies a piece of mackerel with skin. On the skin of the mackerel lies a portion of cheese and yellow flower petals. The mackerel is pierced with a stick arranged vertically.

Beef/goat cheese/buttermilk

Great tartare with goat cheese granita. It was so good that we came for it again a few days after the tasting dinner. Of course I award it the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

In a dark, glossy, deep plate lies a portion of tartare covered with white chunks of frozen cheese.


Sunflower/sheep cheese/black chanterelle

Crunchy sunflower seeds, soft mushrooms and intense sheep cheese. A perfectly composed risotto, which also delighted me with its beautiful, dark colors, garnished with yarrow and wood sorrel. By all means, a Happy Eggplant badge is due for this offbeat dish. eggplants.

On a dark green plate lies a portion of dark green risotto with black chanterelle.


Pike-perch/red pine mushroom/Parmesan

Delicate pike-perch with baked crust accompanied by ravioli with truffle and fried red pine mushrooms. The whole dish was complemented by a cheese sauce. Of course, the Order of the Happy Eggplant is well deserved for this wonderful composition and perfect preparation.. eggplants.

In a gray, flat plate with a high edge lies a piece of white fish with the skin baked up. Next to the fish there are hats of fried red pine mushrooms and two ravioli. The whole dish is covered with a thick white sauce and drizzled with green olive oil.



Our friend, who does not like fish, got duck instead of pike-perch for the first main course. It was duck with Kaszanka in panco with the addition of ash. Topped with a thinly sliced apple and also a cheese sauce. eggplants.

In a gray, flat plate with a high edge lies a piece of duck fillet and Kaszanka in a black coating. The duck and Kaszanka are covered almost completely by apple slices, which are topped with yellow cheese sauce. There are spots of red sauce next to the meat.



A great intermezzo in the form of Mizeria ice cream served on crumbled meringue. eggplants.

A green ice cream served with white meringue crumbs on a small white plate.



For the second main course, we were served a classic combination that did not disappoint. Sensational bacon! Served with potato pudding, demi-glace sauce, onion and pickled cucumber. The next Order of the Happy Eggplant for a brilliant dish goes to Isto. eggplants.

A slice of soft bacon laid on a potato pudding, sprinkled with chopped spring onions and diced pickled cucumbers.



Pre-dessert. Chocolate ice cream with dried chocolate and raspberries. eggplants.

In a dark mortar lie sheets of chocolate and under them you can see a portion of chocolate ice cream and raspberry jam laid on top of the ice cream. The chocolate sheets are dusted with cocoa.


Blueberry/juniper/red cabbage

Excellent puff. This was the second time we had the pleasure of eating choux au craquelin at Isto and I’m slowly getting addicted to them because they are just delicious. This one was served with red cabbage ice cream, which I have to say, was one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had. They enter the pantheon of the best ice creams along with the rose ice cream from Prologue restaurant which you can read about here. Of course, both the puff and the ice cream deserve the Order. eggplants.

On the table lie white tea cups and a large white flat plate with a puff in the middle. The puff lies on rolled up baking paper. It is sprinkled with red powder on top. On a transparent plate next to the plate with the puff, lies purple red ice cream on crumbled white meringue.


A shortcrust pastry with a not-too-sweet juniper cream filling.

A large, white, flat plate with a puff in the center. The puff lies on rolled up baking paper. The top is sprinkled with red powdered sugar.


Divine red cabbage and apple ice cream served over crumbled meringue.

On a transparent plate lies purple and red ice cream on crumbled white meringue.



Dinner was at an excellent level and there were no shortage of surprising items, such as ice cream with Mizeria and cabbage. It was also our first time eating black chanterelle, which turned out to be very tasty.

The restaurant staff brought Mom a birthday candle in a puff at the end of dinner, which was very nice.

The evening was completed by a beautiful fountain, which can be admired by the building of NOSPR.

It is already dark and you can see the fountain illuminated in blue. In the background you can see lights and small trees on the square in front of the NOSPR building.


Naturally, Isto Restaurant and Chef Patryk Dusza received the Happy Eggplant Badge from us for a beautiful dinner and a pleasant evening.

Happy Eggplant Badge

Currently, Isto restaurant remains closed due to Covid pandemic restrictions, but you can order Easter specials there until 31.03.2021, which I have already done and I recommend.

Link to the restaurant Isto

Address: Aleja Roździeńskiego 1A, 40-202 Katowice

Title picture: Sike-perch with ravioli