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Enjoying our vacation, we took the train to Vienna for a few days. Despite our busy schedule, we couldn’t refuse a visit to the famous Hotel Sacher and its appreciated by @michelinguide, Restaurant Rote Bar.

The interior of Restaurant Rote Bar impresses with its elegance and splendor.

Comfortable, red couches lined up in a row against the wall with red cushions trimmed with gold ribbon. The walls and ceiling are also red with gold elements. On the wall to the left hangs a large oil painting featuring a white dog with dark patches. In front you can see elegantly set tables with white tablecloths. In the back you can see a wooden, decorated bar.


We were able to freely take a few photos since we were fortunate enough to be the two of us in the entire restaurant room.

A view of the center of the restaurant room. A crystal, gold-plated chandelier hangs from the ceiling. The carpeting on the floor is also red.


Beautifully folded white napkin placed on a plate with Hotel Sacher logo. Next to it there is silver cutlery.


We had plans to go to the three-star Amador restaurant after lunch at Sacher’s (which you can read about here) so we had to exercise restraint, which was extremely difficult because the menu looked great.

The Chef of the Restaurant Rote Bar is Dominik Stolzer (@dominikstolzer).



First, we were given a nice treat of sourdough bread with two kinds of butter. eggplants.

On a table covered with a white tablecloth, on a white plate lies a round loaf of bread cut into four pieces. Next to it are two small white bowls with butter.


Cool, perfect for a hot August day gazpacho with melon. eggplants.

On an oval white plate, on a small, white paper napkin lies a small glass filled with red gazpacho. Decorated on top with tiny croutons and cuckooflower.

Original Sacher goose liver tarte

Goose liver tart served with hazelnut brioche. A great creamy liver whose fattiness was broken up by apricot jelly and elderflower jam. We enjoyed it so much that we awarded it the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

On the white oval plate to the right lies a triangular piece of tart with layers of liver mousse with a layer of orange jelly in the middle and on top. In the center, on a cut-out square of orange jelly, lies black elderberry jam decorated with crunch. Behind the jam is laid a gilded ball. To the right lies a small brioche with pieces of nuts on top.

Steak Tatar with grape mustard ice cream

Tasty tartare, well seasoned. This was the first time we tried the combination of tartare with grapes and it was extremely successful. eggplants.

On the white plate to the left is tartare, arranged in a disc, smeared on top with mayonnaise, garnished with green and purple leaves. On the right, a portion of mustard and grape ice cream is arranged in the spherical hollow of the plate.


Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel - Vienna veal escalopes with parsley potatoes and salad mix. The Happy Eggplant badge is definitely well deserved for this brilliant Schnitzel and tasty potatoes. The set of salads would probably be better if each of them were served separately, because unfortunately, their flavors mixed with each other. On the other hand, we were delighted with the lemon, which was ingeniously and beautifully packaged in a mesh protecting the seeds from falling off. eggplants.

On a large flat plate lie two schnitzels, one on top of the other. To the right of the schnitzels are halves of potatoes, poured with fat and sprinkled with parsley. On the left side there is a lemon half wrapped in a yellow net, tied with a maroon ribbon.


Here are the schnitzels with the salad sets. As you can see it was basically two huge schnitzels, placed one on top of the other. This is something we were totally not expecting, but we managed to eat them. They were too delicious to be left.

On a table with a white tablecloth are two large, flat plates with schnitzels and two deep plates with salads.


Original Sacher-Torte with whipped cream

After the incredibly hearty main course, it was time for dessert. Original Sacher-Torte with whipped cream. Luckily we only ordered one serving of the classic chocolate cake because although it was excellent we wouldn’t have been able to eat more. Of course we awarded it our badge and eggplants.

A piece of chocolate cake with a portion of whipped cream on a small white plate. Next to it there is silver cutlery. Top view of the cake.


The Sacher-Torte tastes best on the premises, but you can also buy it to take away or even order it straight from Vienna, which I feel like testing soon.

A piece of chocolate cake with a portion of whipped cream on a small white plate. Next to it there is silver cutlery. In the background there is a view of the restaurant room.



At the very end we got a petit four. We were sad to say that we could not eat them anymore. The waiter was prepared for that and quickly packed them for us to take away. It was very nice. eggplants.

On a silver platter lie pralines covered with dark, milk and white chocolate.



Sacher Restaurant Rote Bar is a place where we can travel back in time to elegant interiors and classic service with silver cutlery and white tablecloths. However, the dishes, apart from Viennese classics like Wiener Schnitzel and Sacher Torte, are served in a modern way and do not diverge from modern fine dining trends.

The staff was extremely courteous and refined. For the atmosphere, impeccable service, and delicious food, I am happy to award Restaurant Rote Bar the Order of the Happy Eggplant.

OHappy Eggplant Badge

Lunch cost us about 120 euros total. Service was not included in the bill.

A few months before lunch at Restaurant Rote Bar, we visited the Sacher Café at breakfast time. It was before the beginning of the pandemic and the rooms were full of people. In front of the entrance, despite the cold, there was a long queue of people waiting. We made a reservation in advance which turned out to be a brilliant idea.

Sacher Hotel on a January morning.

Sacher hotel building. View from the Opera House.


Beautiful christmas snow globe adorned the entrance to the hotel.

Large transparent ball with three big teddy bears and one little bear. One big bear sells sweets from his stall on wheels. The ball stands on a black stand with the Sacher Hotel logo.


The inside of the second snow globe. One teddy bear is sleeping in a bed. Behind the bed is a small window with a view of St. Stephen's Cathedral. By the bed, on a table lies a piece of Sacher cake, a lamp and a mini snow globe.


I decided on “SACHER FRÜHSTÜCKSBROT,” which is toasted bread with a poached egg, green asparagus, ham and hollandaise sauce. eggplants.

A slice of bread doused with top-baked hollandaise sauce. Ham sticks out from under the sauce. The bread lies on a white flat plate with the logo of Hotel Sacher.


The second Degustująca Istota ordered the “ANNA SACHER FRÜHSTÜCK” set, which is a roll with ham, scrambled eggs with pumpkin seeds, the Original Sacher Punch Dessert and coffee. eggplants.

Set of three plates on stand. On the top one is a Sacher Punch Dessert in paper. On the middle one, a sliced roll filled with ham and sprinkled with horseradish and cuckooflower. On the last, a portion of scrambled eggs with pumpkin seeds placed on top.


Na deser skusiłam się na strudel jabłkowy. eggplants.

A portion of strudel on a white plate.Thin dough dusted generously with powdered sugar. The dough is generously filled with sliced apples and raisins.


I oczywiście nie zapomnieliśmy o Sacher Torte. eggplants.

A piece of chocolate cake with a portion of whipped cream on a white small plate.


After having visited many fine dining restaurants it was nice to stop by Hotel Sacher and feel the atmosphere of luxurious Vienna in the imperial times. Maybe we will manage to visit next time Restaurant Grüne Bar in which Dominik Stolzer is also a Chef.

Link to the restaurant Restaurant Rote Bar Link to the restaurant Sacher Café

Address: Philharmoniker Str. 4, 1010 Wien, Austria

Title picture: Goose liver tart