Omakase at Noriko Sushi

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It took us a long time to start our sushi adventure in a serious way. We had ordered sushi sets for work or home, but it was never fine dining. Following Kamila and Cezary’s (@finediningpl) recommendation we decided to go to the Omakase show at Noriko Sushi restaurant in Wroclaw. And it was a great choice.

The Chef and Sushi Master at Noriko Sushi restaurant (@sushinoriko) is Marcin Jasiura (@marcinjasiura), Chef serves so-called Tokyo style sushi, which is: opposite each other.


Marinated daikon radish

To cleanse our taste buds between courses we got daikon, which was perfect for me because I’m not a fan of pickled ginger. Or at least the kind you get traditionally at most sushi restaurants.

In a dark, square bowl lie cut, bright yellow pieces of daikon.


Sashimi with ponzu

Sashimi from cefal fish topped with freshly grated wasabi and ponzu. The wasabi came from Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. eggplants.

In a transparent dish are arranged three thin slices of raw fish. They are doused in dark sauce and garnished on top, with a small portion of grated green wasabi.



A perfect, melt-in-your-mouth appetizer made from eggplant, yuzu, miso, soy sauce, spring onions and lemon zest. I am happy to award this appetizer the Happy Eggplant Badge. eggplants.

In a transparent container there is a piece of eggplant peeled and garnished with spring onions and strips of lemon zest.


Sashimi from leek

Baked salmon on a brilliant, melt-in-your-mouth leek topped with wasabi. Another well-deserved Order for this leek appetizer. eggplants.

In a light beige ceramic bowl, two pieces of leek are placed in, which are covered by slices of baked salmon. There is a portion of wasabi on the salmon slices. The whole dish is sprinkled with dark sauce.


* Grilled Skrei Cod*

Great crispy crust and tender fish. Topped with Okinawa salt, fresh wasabi and lime. eggplants.

On a dark brown, small plate is a piece of fish with burnt skin. Next to it lies a slice of lime, some salt and grated wasabi.



Sensational risotto with Ikura (salmon roe marinated for 5 days in a special marinade of sweet sake and soy sauce) and fatty part of tuna. All seasoned with soy sauce and chives. This delicious risotto, of course, receives the Happy Eggplant Badge from us. eggplants.

In a dark bowl, stylized like a sea urchin shell, is a portion of pink risotto garnished with a generous amount of chives.


Wakame and greater amberjack

Slices of greater amberjack with wasabi accompanied by salad. eggplants.

Two thin slices of light-colored fish placed in a dark brown bowl. A portion of wasabi lies next to the fish.


Cucumber and wakame algae salad, seasoned with Furikake spice blend.

In a rectangular small bowl, black on the outside and white with blue eyes inside, lies a serving of green cucumber and wakame algae salad. Topped with black and light sesame seeds.



The time has come for nigiri. The Sushi Master prepared portions of fish and seafood and served them to us with rice and the appropriate sauce. This excellent rice was from Niigata Prefecture and was cooked sensationally. We never had the opportunity to eat such delicious rice in our lives.

Specialties prepared for serving.

On a large board are prepared 3 pieces of each type of fish or seafood.


For starters, there was probably greater amberjack. I’m writing “probably”, because we sometimes talked so much with the Chef and the Chef’s wife, that we forgot to write down what we ate and, unfortunately, memory is fleeting. I only remember that it was delicious. eggplants.

Nigiri with light fish topped with sauce.


Tenderloin of bluefin tuna. eggplants.

Nigiri with intense red tuna, topped with a little sauce.


Steamed squid. This was a difficult dish for us. The calamari was as tender as we had ever experienced. Perhaps we even associated its texture more with pudding than meat. However, it had a strange, soapy, sweet flavor. Total taste shock, I guess we still need to grow into it. eggplants.

A piece of light squid, topped with sauce and placed on rice.


Semi-fat tuna part with soy sauce. eggplants.

Nigiri with pink tuna meat.


Mackerel with a mixture of ginger and spring onions on top. eggplants.

Nigiri with a piece of mackerel with skin, cut finely and a portion of the green mixture of ginger and spring on top.


Shimofuri, which is the fatty part of the tuna without any veins, aged for a week, seasoned with Arashio salt from Okinawa. Sensational! This nigiri melted in the mouth and tasted great. Of course, the Order of the Happy Eggplant is deserved. eggplants.

Nigiri with a light marbled tuna part with a little salt on top.


Scottish salmon with sauce, also had great flavor. The Happy Eggplant Order is well deserved! eggplants.

Nigiri with salmon punched on top and topped with sauce.


The aforementioned Ikura and Canadian salmon. It can’t be another way around - another Happy Eggplant Badge! eggplants.

Sushi wrapped in nori algae with a portion of Ikura on top.


Jabara, fatty part of tuna with veins, aged a week plus Umeboshi sauce. I’m already repeating myself, but it was brilliant! There was so much umami in this one piece that you could go crazy. Everything was perfect, the sauce, the texture, the flavors… Of course the next Order for this compelling nigiri! eggplants.

A large piece of tuna meat, pink with clear marbling smeared with a thick plum sauce. A bit of rice is visible from underneath.


Nigiri with shrimp cooked for one minute. eggplants.

Nigiri with shrimp laid out flat. The shrimp is white in color and topped with a dark sauce.



After the delicious pieces of nigiri, it was the eel’s turn. When I heard about the grilled eel, I had been waiting for it all evening. The eel was previously cooked in tare sauce, which matures for a second year and “works” just like sourdough. The eel was obviously quite fatty but also phenomenally delicious! The aroma of this dish was also wonderful. It was worth the wait. The Happy Eggplant Badge flies to the delightful eel. eggplants.

A dark brown bowl filled with rice on which there is grilled eel in a dark sauce.



A light soup cooked on langoustine heads and shrimps with bonito, egg, and wakame. eggplants.

 In a blue bowl is a beige soup with chives floating on top.



Last but not least, something sweet. A shrimp omelet that resembles a sponge cake. eggplants.

Two pieces of omelet on a thick black ceramic stand.



It was a beautiful evening in Wroclaw. We laughed a lot, relaxed and ate delicious Japanese dishes. The recommendation was very good and we also encourage you to go for an Omakase to Noriko, because it is an unforgettable experience.
The word Sushi takes on a whole new dimension.

Naturally we award Noriko Sushi, Order of the Happy Eggplant, for this fantastic presentation of Omakase.

Happy Eggplant Badge

We are certain that this was not our last Omakase and not our last visit to Noriko Sushi. Rather, this is just the beginning of our love affair with fine sushi. Link to the restaurant Noriko Sushi

Address: Pl. Wolności 7 Kamienica „Pod Złotym Dębem” 54 -540 Wrocław

Title picture: Jabara nigiri