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A few months ago we wanted to go to Krakow for a tasting menu to one of Fine Dining restaurants We chose the restaurant Pod Różą (@restaurant_podroza), where Miłosz Grabowski (@milosz_grabowski) is the Head Chef. Already then we heard a lot of good things about the Chef, so we wanted to check if it’s all true. I can already tell you that it is! But from the beginning.



Sourdough bread, baked in the restaurant. Accompanied by butter with paprika and with rapeseed oil, and paste made of zatorski carp with clover. eggplants.

A small glass bowl of butter sprinkled with paprika and topped with oil, a basket bag of bread.


A plastic bowl pretending to be a fish can with white carp paste. Next to it is a bag of bread.


Parsley cream soup

Roasted parsley cream with curry and mint oil. Very good, the mint came through gently but did not overwhelm the whole thing. I awarded the Order of the Happy Eggplant for this dish, to my surprise, because I am not fond of parsley. eggplants.

In white, the deep plate has a yellow cream with green drops of mint oil.



Together we were served three appetizers: Frog legs, shrimp and polenta. We started with the polenta fries with gorgonzola sauce, which were insanely good. Of course we got burned while eating, but it was worth it. A well-deserved Order of Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

Arranged in a white bowl with cream are 3 thick, breaded polenta fries.



Another we tried was the Argentine shrimp with coriander and chili glaze and shashlik and soy sauce. Grilled in a coal-fired Big Green Egg. Tasted sensational. Some of the best shrimps we’ve ever had and we’ve eaten a lot of them. Again the eggplant order goes to the fantastic appetizer. eggplants.

There are three seared prawns pierced with a stick on a white platter.


Frog legs

At the end of the appetizer set, we left ourselves the frogs’ legs, rightly assuming we’d get dirty with them. It was a difficult “finger food” to eat but tasty. The frog legs were topped with paprika mayonnaise. eggplants.

On a white platter are three frog legs topped with pink bell pepper mayonnaise.


Beef tartare / pickled mustard / Bursztyn cheese

Excellent beef tartare. This was the first time we had tartare with cheese and surprisingly it tasted very good. The tartare was made from seasoned striploin from Lesser Poland. It was complemented with pickles and the aforementioned Bursztyn cheese aged six months. We are happy to give the Happy Eggplant Badge to this tartare. eggplants.

On a flat white plate lies a flat disk of tartare sprinkled with grated cheese.


Beef tripe

Beef tripe with fresh marjoram served with croutons. Let me put it this way… A friend who was with us said that these are the best tripe he ever ate. We ate them for the first time and we would prefer to stop there. The broth and croutons were great, but the consistency of the tripe is hard for us to swallow. And this is not the fault of the preparation or the quality of the ingredients, but our limitations. eggplants.

There is a broth with tripe in a deep white plate.


On a flat white plate are croutons made on the grill.


Sea bass / shiitake mushrooms / asian Consommé

A very interesting way to serve fish, in broth. It was dashi broth combined with mushroom stock, finished with mushroom gel and mushroom pieces. Delicate, tasty and full of umami. And so another eggplant order flies for the Sea Bass. eggplants.

A piece of perch without skin is in a broth in a deep, white plate. Topped with pieces of shiitake mushrooms.



Mirabelle sorbet with chervil oil, crunchy amaranth and mirabelle gel. A perfect intermezzo, interesting, tasty, and cleansing to the taste buds. eggplants.

In the glass is an orange portion of sorbet with chunks of amaranth crisps and green chervil oil.


Local beef / kohlrabi / Bone marrow sauce

The main course could be considered simple as it was meat with potatoes and vegetables, but it wasn’t. It was a brilliantly prepared beef striploin (intentionally with cartilage, fat, and membranes) with a Bordelaise sauce with marrow, tarragon, parsley, and chervil. It came with roasted potatoes with onions and buttermilk along with grilled wild broccoli with burrata and olive oil. The whole dish was complemented by cold pickled kohlrabi. An absolute revelation! As if all this was not enough, the dish was served to us by the Chef himself, Mr. Miłosz, which was very nice for us. Of course, the order for the main course was awarded. eggplants.

On the table is a large plate with sliced beef and kohlrabi flakes. Next to it is a platter with grilled wild broccoli and burrata and a white bowl with pieces of oven potatoes partially dipped in buttermilk.



Coffee amaretto cream with grain wafer and meringue. eggplants.

Beige disc-shaped wafer disc at top, sprinkled with various grains.



Canelé with sour cream sorbet and fermented lime. eggplants.

Two canele are lying on a platter. Sour cream sorbet is layered between the canele.


Petit Fours

As farewell sweets we were brought a whole set of different sweets. Not for sharing, everyone could taste what they wanted, just the way we like it. These included: Strawberry parfait, nougat with nuts, jelly, white chocolate chocolates with lemon, Rum balls. eggplants.

Copper three bowls joined together. In them separately: nougat with nuts, meringue and jelly beans in sugar.


On a flat, white plate, on a paper plate, three pink parfaits are arranged in the shape of a flower.


In a metal bowl are three cubes of white chocolate with yellow jam on top.


There are three white meringues in a copper bowl.


There are three pieces of nougat in a copper bowl.



You can tell by the number of the Happy Eggplant Orders awarded that we were very pleased with this Fine Dining tasting menu. There was everything there should be and more. The dishes looked great and tasted even better. The chef turned out to be a fascinating person. He willingly and passionately told us the secrets of his cuisine.

The service was flawless and the interior of the restaurant was beautiful and spacious. It is hard to ask for more. The Pod Różą Restaurant with this degustation lunch is on the list of our favorite restaurants and Chef Miłosz Grabowski on the list of our favorite Chefs. Thank you very much and we can not wait for another visit.

The Order of the Happy Eggplant was naturally awarded for the beautiful tasting and welcoming atmosphere.

Happy Eggplant Badge

Link to the restaurant Pod Różą

Address: Floriańska 14, 31-021 Kraków

Title picture: Parsley cream soup