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During our May visit to the Tricity we visited a few new places and some of our favorite Fine Dining restaurants. From the new ones we chose the Fisherman restaurant, whose Chef Rafał Koziorzemski (@rafalchef__smakmiasta) we had the pleasure to meet at the Biały Królik restaurant in Gdynia. That’s why we had a hunch, which was almost certain, Fisherman is a restaurant worth visiting. They serve there dishes from a la carte menu, but at our request, Chef Rafał made a Tasting Menu for us, for which we are grateful.



Two kinds of bread and two kinds of butter to go with it. Burnt butter and butter with wild garlic. eggplants.

On a table covered with a white tablecloth are 3 black plates and a wooden container with slices of light and dark bread. On one black plate is green butter in the shape of a square and on the second plate is burnt butter in the shape of a fish. On the third plate is a butter knife.


Dried trout with fish mayonnaise

As an amuse-bouche we got a sensational trout skin crisp with mayonnaise, pork lard and chickweed. What I love about Chef Rafał’s cooking is the large amount of interesting herbs and other plants, which can be found in his author’s kitchen. For this excellent start to the tasting, we gladly award the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

In a small wooden box, there are seashells on which crisps with trout skin on which are arranged crisps of trout skin with dots of mayonnaise and leaves of chickweed.


Queen of the forest and meadows

Here the first place belongs to cress, but not the ordinary one we all know, but forest and meadow cress. Under the green blanket hid a wonderful, delicate squid with roasted butter. The whole dish was dusted with parsley powder. Visually and tastefully, a brilliant dish. Therefore another eggplant order flies to Fisherman. eggplants.

The dark grey bowl is filled with white flowers and stems of cress sprinkled with green powder.


Fisherman’s card

A wonderful smoked salted trout tartare with capers, pickled onions, egg yolk, pickled mushrooms and smoked meats. The aroma of this dish was wonderful, smoky and sweet, and the tartare itself was perfectly composed. It could not be otherwise, the Order for the tartare is awarded. eggplants.

On the table, there is a small box in which there is a tartare with a dried yolk sprinkled on top. Smoke is coming out of the box whose lid has been lifted.


On a large flat plate, a portion of tartare sprinkled with egg yolk and garnished with green leaves.


May harvest of wild garlic

The wild garlic soup with sweet squid noodles. It was an absolute hit! One of the best soups ever. I love wild garlic, and I’ve never had the opportunity to eat it in soup form before. Delightful! I hope we will still be able to eat it at the Fisherman restaurant next time. Of course, it receives the Order of the Happy Eggplant. eggplants.

Squid noodles before pouring the soup


Intense green, creamy soup as it is poured into a deep white plate containing squid noodles.


Beef with young beets

Perfectly cooked, delicate beef tongue with demi-glace sauce, served with a slightly smoky gratin of baby potatoes, with beet and apple balls in a horseradish sauce. The meat was garnished with the flowers of the Capsella bursa-pastoris. eggplants.

On a large, white plate there is a piece of meat decorated with white flowers with green leaves and a portion of roasted gratin.


In a glass bowl in the The shell-shaped bowl contains red and green beet and apple balls. Horseradish sauce can be seen at the bottom.


The season is in full swing

The time had come for dessert. I had been waiting for it for a year and was very curious about how the white asparagus ice cream tasted. Well, it is delicious, and even better was the panna cotta that accompanied it. The composition was enriched by strawberries in a sauce with herbs, elderflower, and roasted malt. eggplants.

On a large, flat, white plate next to the panna cotta and asparagus ice cream, pieces of strawberries in sauce are placed with a golden spoon.


On a white plate lies a portion of white ice cream decorated with green leaves, panna cotta and pieces of strawberries between them.


Thank you

At the end we were given a forest, or more specifically, pinecones. These were absolutely amazing, authentic cones in hibiscus syrup, served with lavender ice cream, which were sprinkled with pollen. It may be boring by now, but I can’t help myself from giving these cones the Order of the Happy Eggplant! They were fabulous and worked beautifully with the delicate lavender ice cream! eggplants.

On a table covered with a white tablecloth lies a wooden board on which are two gray bowls with bright ice cream sprinkled with pollen. The board is covered with conifer branches and on them, sprinkled with powdered sugar, are placed small cones.


Close-up of a cone sprinkled with powdered sugar.



We left Fisherman overjoyed with the food, the service and the whole place. This restaurant is far from the stiff form of Fine Dining and perhaps more in line with the increasingly fashionable Casual Dining, but for us excellent products, the quality of which is taken care of by the Chef himself and his talent, is what we expect from Fine Dining restaurants.

As you can see the forest, meadows and sea were visible in every dish, these references to nature make, that this is something for which it is worth coming to Sopot, walk a few steps from Monciak and eat in Fisherman.

After the tasting we had the opportunity to talk for a while with the Chef, which we always appreciate, because then we have the opportunity to ask about the dishes and share our impressions.

Were there any downsides? No. The only one is that we live in Silesia and we have a long way to Sopot.

We award the Order of the Happy Eggplant for this beautiful seaside tasting at an excellent level.

The Happy Eggplant Badge

We also want to thank Mr. Maciek, who served us that day and thanks to whom we were very happy and we felt taken care of. Thanks :)

Link to the restaurant Fisherman

Address: Villa Sentoza ul. Grunwaldzka 89, Sopot

Title picture: Beef with young beets