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Babel Restaurant, which has the star of the red guide @michelinguide, has been tempting the Degustująca Istota for a long time with its beautiful dishes presented on social media. Finally when it turned out that we will be in Budapest, we decided to step in and try the tasting menu there. We chose a 10-course tasting menu in which Chef Istvan Veres presented numerous references to his roots from Transylvania. Even Dracula got a dish inspired by legends about him.


Pickled grape leaves

First Amuse-bouche. eggplants.

On the wood is rolled up grape leaf ball, dusted with brown powder.


Second Amuse-bouche eggplants.

Putt on a wooden block, mini Pears, slightly greenish decorated with leaves and sprinkled with mushroom powder.


Third Amuse-bouche. eggplants.

Polenta cubes, fried and sprinkled with white powder. Located on a flat brown, glassy petals. Everything is served in a flat wooden box, filled with corn seeds

Red cabbage

Fourth Amuse-bouche. Gorgeous. eggplants.

On wooden spoons, There are purple balls, crushed with purple powder and decorated with small purple flowers.


A very interesting dish. The leek surface is covered white asparagus with mustard and honey. eggplants.


Squid/kohlrabi/lovage pesto/Smen

Delicious, delicate squid in a perfect sauce. eggplants.


Quail sweatbreads/cucumber/fennel/snail eggs

The first controversial dish. According to the “Zero waste” principle, the Chef decided to use more of the quail, which is served as a main course. Quail eggs were served, more specifically Mr. quail eggs XD . I must admit that this ingredient was surprising and very tasty. eggplants.

Cucumber slices wrapped on a plate , cut lengthwise. Decorated with white balls of snail caviar and with fennel branches.


Beef tartare/pickled elderflower/horseradish snow/Lavash

Delicious tartar surrounded by sour liquid, which gave it an excellent taste. The horseradish snow provided sharpness and the Lavash crisps a bit of bitterness and a different texture. To be true, one of the Degustująca Istota said that he prefers a less watered and more traditional tartare. And he is a Tartare expert greater than I am. eggplants.

A bowl with yellow liquid inside a tartare disk is laid, sprinkled with white horseradish powder and decorated with white, small flowers and one purple bell.


Cucumber soup/cheese/dil/tomato

Cold served cucumber soup made from fresh cucumbers. Refreshing and delicious. eggplants.

Intensely green cucumber soup during pouring. In the corner of the plate are pieces of cheese and slices of tiny tomatoes.


Pike perch/swiss chard/asparagus/pine

Another brilliant dish at the Babel restaurant. Velvet pike perch, dipped in a delicious sauce. Under the grilled beetroot Chef hides amazingly cooked asparagus. eggplants.

In the corner of the dark brown plate a pike perch is placed, covered with white sauce. Next to it, a grilled beetroot leaf under which asparagus is hidden.


Dawn/apple sorbet

Green apple sorbet with frozen mint, tarragon and basil leaves. First served on a table frozen in liquid nitrogen herbs in a mortar, which the Degustująca Istota was supposed to crumble on their own (as you can see, it didn’t go well). Then sorbet was applied on top of the herbs. eggplants.

The interior of the mortar with crushed herbs and green sorbet.


Quail/wild garlic/mushroom/apricot seed

Very good main course, though for the Degustująca Istota this view was macabre. The meat was incredibly delicate and the sauces were wonderful. eggplants.

Quail leg with claws. Next to a quail is a slice of mushroom. The whole meat is surrounded by baking sauce and olive oil.


Beef skirt/broccoli/gooseberry/horseradish

For this dish,special hand-made knives were brought. Beef was very tasty, surrounded by an essential sauce. A wonderful broccoli salad was served in a separate mug. eggplants.

On the dark brown plate the piece of meat is lying. On the meat flowers and herbs were putted. Whole dish is surrounded by baking sauce.


Green walnut/yoghurt/potato/pumpkin seed

A delicious pre-dessert. The Degustująca Istota could look at it endlessly. It was a potato glass with very tasty creams. As the Degustująca Istota likes, it was not a sweet dessert. eggplants.

White bowl with crystal potato glass dusted with black powder. On the bottom the cream and sauce was putted.


The Rose

The last dish from the menu, dessert. It had two secret ingredients that were revealed to us after we consumed it. The dessert was a reference to Count Dracula who drinked blood. The wafer under the cream was made of blood, and the whole dish was finished with grated charred pig heart. It didn’t shock us (it is hard for someone to be shocked by blood after eating quite a lot of black pudding in their lives). But we were not convinced that it had a positive effect on the taste of the dessert. In addition, the dessert consisted of sweet rose petals and grapefruit. eggplants.

Bowl with pink cream decorated with rose petals and sprinkled with black particles of grated, charred heart.



The evening at @babelbudapest was surprising, fun and very enjoyable. It is hard to guess what miracles the Chef can still conjure up, but this makes dinner not boring, even if not everything pleased us.

Restaurant Babel's logo.


The service was of the highest standard. The table was served by five or six different people, except for the main waitress, who looked after us and talked about courses. Various Chefs also came to finish the meal at the table. The service was included in the bill and according to the Degustująca Istota it was justified. Along with the bill, we received something sweet. Sweet, sugar glass pieces with sunk flower petals and tiny cream cakes.

A piece of wood with a spruce twig, in which pieces of glass of sugar are stuck. Next to it are cookies.


Sweet and traditional bread was served at the beginning of the dinner, along with three butters in different flavors. Bread and butter were served again, after we ate the previous ones.

The prices in the Babel restaurant are adequate to the quality of the dishes and service in our opinion. If the opportunity arises @degustujacaistota will gladly come back there. We are happy to award the restaurant with the Happy Eggplant badge.

Happy Eggplant Badge

The Babel restaurant receives: 246/250

Link to the restaurant Babel

Address: Piarista köz 2, Budapest, Hungary

Title picture: Potato glass with nut cream