The Best Restaurants of year 2019

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The Degustująca Istota is One Year Old! She learned a lot and tested a lot in that year. She met many great Chefs, sometimes personally, sometimes only through their work.

Below The Degustująca Istota placed the best restaurants according to herself, which she had the opportunity to visit last year. The Degustująca Istota also distinguished the best dishes that she ate in her favourite restaurants.

The Best Restaurants - Tasting Menu

The list of the best restaurants according to the Degustująca Istota, in alphabetical order, in which she enjoyed the tasting menu.

Babel (Budapest)/Hungary

Chef Istvan Veres.

The best course: Pike perch/swiss chard/asparagus/pine. More about visit in Babel restaurant.

A piece of white fish with white sauce green drops of olive oil served on a black plate. Next to a rolled, grilled leaf of swiss chard.

Biały królik (Gdynia)/Poland

Chefs Marcin Popielarz and Rafał Koziorzemski.

The best course: Cabbage soup cooked on smoked ribs with gherkin and macerated sturgeon.

In a white deep plate, Sturgeon slices are laid, which are poured with liquid from a glass carafe.

Isto (Katowice)/Poland

Chef Patryk Dusza.

The best course: Sturgeon/nasturtium flower/mushroom/egg/velouté sauce.

A mushroom piece of jelly covers the egg under which is a piece of sturgeon.

N31 by Robert Sowa (Warsaw)/Poland

Chef Robert Wojnarowski.

The best course: squid/shrimp/tomatoes/coriander.

A piece of squid, fried and cut in a checkered, next to fried shrimp with pieces of tomato on a blue background, brown on the sides.

Rozbrat 20 (Warsaw)/Poland

Chef Bartosz Szymczak.

The best course: Foie Gras/duck heart/mulberry/brioche. More about visit in Rozbrat 20 restaurant.

Roasted livers, served on a brioche with white sauce. Next to it there is mulberry and halves of a duck heart.

Villa Gardena (Katowice/Chorzów)/Poland

Chef Dominik Duraj.

The best course: Guinea fowl/cauliflower/berries.

A round piece of guinea fowl meat with toasted skin, next to pieces of cauliflower and a few berries. Served on a gray plate and drizzled with roast sauce.

White One (Warsaw)/Poland

Chef Paweł Chomentowski.

The best course: Scorzonera/roasted cauliflower/truffle/pear/pistachios.

Two pieces of toasted scorzonera, a few pieces of toasted cauliflower. The whole sprinkled with pistachio crumbs and wrapped in slices of black truffle.

The Best Restaurants - a la Carte

Below the Degustująca Istota listed the best restaurants, where she ate the best dishes ordered from the menu. This does not mean that in the restaurants included in above the list she also didn’t eat delicious dishes from the a la carte menu.

The list order as above.

Amber Room (Warsaw)/Poland

The Chef, when the Degustująca Istota visited the Amber Room resturant, was Lee Jones, while now the Chef is Kamil Rzechowicz.

The best course: Duck/pak choi/sweet potato/young carrot.

Two slices of duck fillet, next to the sauce strips.  To this layered: sweet potato pie, pak choi and a piece of carrot.

Börze Étterem Kavehaz (Budapest)/Hungary

The best course: Grilled duck liver served with vegetables.

Two plates. One with fried livers and the other with stewed vegetables.

Butchery and Wine (Warsaw)/Poland

Chef Marek Burakowski.

The best course: Japanese Wagyu Beef Carpaccio (Gumna) with truffle mayonnaise.

Marbled carpaccio with Wagyu beef with slices of Parmesan cheese and capers.

Jadka (Wroclaw)/Poland

Chef Justyna Słupska Kartaczowska.

The best course: Smoked eel/black caviar/black elderberry.

Eel fillet surrounded by horseradish foam with a bit of black caviar. Next to it is a circle of black elderberry sauce.

Muga (Poznan)/Poland

Chef Artur Skotarczyk.

The best course: Octopus with black rice.

A piece of octopus tentacle with a black chip and slightly greenish mayonnaise applied. Decorated with a small pink flower.

Signature (Warsaw)/Poland

Chef Wojtek Kilian.

The best course: Foie gras/rowanberry/poppy seed/almonds.

Roasted liver on spreaded poppy seeds. Puree and dark sauce applied in two places. A rowan sauce is served in a piece of waffle, in which the waffle holes are filled.

Umami/Plado (Pyskowice/Gliwice)/Poland

Chefs Mateusz Bieniek and Robert Biniasz.

The best course: Goose leg/Bavarian dumpling with grated potatoes/red cabbage stewed with raspberry vinegar.

Goose leg on a light blue plate with round noodles. Next to it there is a visible piece of a bowl with red cabbage.

Villa Vienna (Bytom)/Poland

Chef Roman Miś.

The best course: Silesian beef roulade a la Vienna in Silesian dumpling.

A large dumpling, placed on boiled, red cabbage, around which the sauce is poured. At the top of the noodle is a black lace made of dough with sepia.


It was a beautiful year. The Degustująca Istota thanks all Chefs and their teams and service in restaurants for making her hobby so beautiful, for amazing experiences and for works of art she gets on the plate. And for the New Year 2020, she wish all Chefs and their teams, that it will be even better than the previous one and that your work would be appreciated. To you reader, admiration and thanks that you wanted to look here and all the best for the New Year! Selfishly, the Degustująca Istota wants to get more time to describe the great dishes she ate, because many dishes worth immortalizing are not described here yet. Many thanks for brilliant technical support of the blog, to the author