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Degustująca Istota went to a nine course tasting dinner (in fact there were many more) to the Edvard restaurant in Vienna at the Hotel @kempinskivienna. The Chef there is Thomas Pedevilla. The Edvard restaurant has been awarded with the @michelinguide star since 2014 and has 16 points in the @gaultmillau_austria. We were greeted by very polite staff from the very beginning and it was extremely pleasant throughout the dinner.


Little rolls/butter

Small but tasty potato rolls with coarse salt. They were served with butter, in the shape of cauliflower florets. eggplants.

Two rolls in a wooden bowl on pebbles. In the distance, butter is placed on a stone slab.


Fake Garlic

The first Amuse-bouche. Garlic, which was not real garlic. It was a cream dipped in white unsweetened chocolate and placed on a mini focaccia. eggplants.

In a bowl full of wheat there are focaccia rings, and one clove of garlic on it.



The second Amuse-bouche was a mushroom with an intense champignon flavor. eggplants.

 A white, cream-colored mushroom is placed in the black square bowl.


Sour soup with croutons

The third Amuse-bouche was the sour soup. We tried to find out more, but we only know that it is a traditional Austrian soup served with croutons and cooked meat. The soup was creamy and slightly sour. eggplants.

Two bowls with small, colorful stones. In a wooden bowl lay two slices of bread with three pieces of dark meat.


Alpine Caviar/beef/Gillardeau Oyster

A beautiful starter. Delicate oyster panna cotta, tartare and sturgeon caviar. eggplants.

Two oyster shells. Cream mousse at the bottom of the shell, there is a tartare ball on it, and a portion of black caviar on the ball. There is a green leaf on the tip.


Bavarian Prawn/carrots/spinach

A very carrot dish. Crunchy carrots and spinach dominated there. The dish was quite salty. eggplants.

Small carrots and spinach leaves arranged on a white plate. Poured with orange sauce.


Breton Sardin/eggplant/Puntarelle

A signature dish. Crunchy Cicoria Asparago with tomato sauce and ravioli with eggplant filling. Additionally, sardines in black tempura. Nicely composed dish. eggplants.

White stone cut into the shape of a plate, and on it: two pieces of green tips of Cicoria Asparago, next to two ravioli and sauce while pouring. In the center of the table you can see coated sardines on the plate, placed on the sea shells.


Périgord Trüffe/Sot-l ́y-laisse/red onion

To this dish you could add, with a surcharge, a white truffle, which was brought in a beautiful glass box.

Glass box with golden edges, inside three white truffles, on rice.


Of course, as truffle lovers, we couldn’t refuse to have it as an addition to the course. The delicate taste and aroma of white truffle, however, was somewhat lost in the intensity of the other flavors. The dish contained an imitation of a black truffle that had a truffle-flavored filling. There were also pieces of poultry (Sot-l ́y-laisse), very delicate and soft, and sweet, pickled onions. eggplants.

On green, blanched leaves it is put on pretend black truffle sprinkled with white truffle flakes. On the edges there are pink pieces of poultry with a piece, red onion on top.


Loup de Mer/Razor Shell/Mignonette

This dish brought us a lot of joy and pleasure. Therefore, The Being awards this dish a Happy Eggplant badge. A beautiful, edible shell with a clam inside. The shell imitated the original shell in which the Razor Shell lives. Perfectly cooked sea bass. eggplants.

In a deep white plate, a piece of fish with fried skin from above is placed. The fish is surrounded by foam. On the edge of the plate is a black, oblong shell with lighter, transverse stripes.


Suckling Pig/Horn of Plenty/mozzarella

Soft, delicate meat under a mozzarella quilt. Deep and intense sauce. eggplants.

 On the white, flat plate in the center is a dark sauce, on which lies a piece of meat covered with a thin layer of mozzarella. Next to it lies an orange spring, small white mushrooms and a second, lighter sauce.



Intermezzo. Slightly sweet, cool and refreshing. A crunchy cookie was hidden inside and was decorated with champagne granita. eggplants.

 In a small transparent bowl lay raisins and white cream on which light granita crystals lie.


Sole/Chioggia Beet/Amalfi

You could choose one of the main dishes. Because there were two of us, each of us chose a different dish to try both. The fish version was very tasty with lemon sauce, which was well combined with a Sole fish and beets. eggplants.

 On the black plate lies a strip of fish around which, with different sauces, circles are painted. On a Sole fish are round slices of beets of different color. The center is additionally poured with a white lemon sauce.


Venison/sweet potato/radicchio

The second main course was deer. Very delicate pieces of deer with sweet potato puree and radicchio lettuce. The additions to this dish were a little too intense for us. Very salty chips with tartare and a second addition, very herbal and juniper flavors. eggplants.

 On the white plate are two, oval pieces of meat, poured with a dark sauce on orange puree. In the background a flat wooden box filled with moss, on which lies a black slate with a chip.


Ice cream/fruit

Pre-dessert. Ice cream with pieces of fruit. eggplants.

 A deep white plate with dark red ice cream surrounded by white foam.



A beautiful dessert made from Opalys white chocolate. Delicate, sweet and pumpkin flavor. eggplants.

 Stacked on a white flat plate there are balls and cubes in a circle, alternating orange and white. Orange and darker brown sauce inside. Pumpkin seeds are placed in two places.



It was a beautiful evening. The dinner took us 4 hours, but to be able to fully enjoy and ask for every detail of the presented dish, you would have to spend another 2 hours there. The dishes were very complicated and carefully made. The service was professional and friendly. The staff willingly helped and asked about comfort. Except for the addition of white truffle, no dishes were finished at the table, unlike the Babel restaurant in Budapest. It is a pity, because it was very nice and interesting. We were offered great champagne during dinner and at the end we got pralines with salty caramel, chocolate truffles with hints of orange and macaroons.

 Two pieces of stone are placed on the stone: bright macarons, semicircular pralines, cube-shaped chocolate truffles and macaroons.


We thought that it was the end of surprises, but at the exit we were gifted with gingerbreads in a star shape, which we were happy to crunch when we returned home.

 Gingerbread stars wrapped in transparent foil.


The price of the tasting menu was not low. But for a dinner in a restaurant with a Michelin star, during which many luxury products were served and for impeccable service, the price is high, but adequate to the quality. For that evening the Happy Eggplant Badge has been granted.

Happy Eggplant Badge

The Edvard restaurant receives: 245/250

Link to the restaurant Edvard

Address: Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna Schottenring 24 1010 Vienna Austria

Title picture: Loup de Mer with Razor Shell